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Research of the other side

Research of the other side after the death of a friend


Research of the other side


Good evening Sara Luce, I don’t know where to start …. last Thursday a young man I knew just passed away, we dated briefly back when we were both 17 years old, and over the course of years I saw him every now and then, and exchanged a few words with him.


The last time I saw him was a year and a half ago … my girlfriend’s fiancée was his friend, and about a year ago he told me that he found out he was suffering from cancer.


My girlfriend and I always assumed that he would overcome it, after all he was young and with a very sunny disposition, well, he passed last Thursday … this event really affected me, the night he actually passed away I started to browse the internet, and that’s when I found your website.


From those days something has changed … ever since that night (I am not a strong believer) I thought that there must be something, because I could not possibly imagine that young man I used to know, in anything other than in the light.


And so, I tried to ask my Guardian Angel for help in manifesting himself and to tell me his name, I was playing, in other words, I was driving and I was telling my Angel to tell me his name while I was keeping my finger pressed on the button on the radio, the one that changes channels.


After a few attempts, in the end I released my finger upon a station, and from the display on the radio I could only see first the name of the radio (when the name is made up of two words, first of all the word “radio” displays, and then the second word is the name of the radio) I was staring a little bit at the radio, to see what the name of the station would be … in the end it was Radio Rafhael … is it a coincidence?


Maybe, but, tonight, before I fall asleep, I will be sure to ask Him!


Good night,





Research of the other side after the death of a friend are words from Elisa




Research of the other side after the death of a friend


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