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Knowing the Guardian Angels

Knowing the Guardian Angels located close to us


Knowing the Guardian Angels : hello everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is Daniela, I live in a beautiful place and I am serene; I have been following your letters and experiences, and I decided to share with you my experience, an experience that still accompanies me to date after many years, and for a number of years now I have asking myself if it really happened to me, and sometimes I answer that yes, ANGELS do exists. Let’s get to the point.


It was about 17:30 in the evening, I was leaving work, like many other people did, they were all going almost the same identical direction, down the same street, a local street that gets very congested at that time of the day, at one point we all had to cross the street, waiting patiently for the pedestrian traffic light, which is located close to a large rotary.


At one point a man passed me (we were all on foot) and crossed the street, at the same time I was as I was still standing at the edge of the street, getting ready to cross, when I felt I was being yanked back by my shoulder, someone pulled me so hard that I actually half turned on to myself, I turned around completely, but …. the nearest person to me was about 4 our 5 meters away from me, and that person even looked back at me in surprise, and in that very moment I heard a loud thud, the man who had just passed me got hit by a car, and he somersaulted in the air like a puppet, and finally fell heavily on the tarmac.


Bear in mind that everything happened at the same time, my shock at being pulled back abruptly, the shock of the man who watched me almost fall over, and the other man being hit by the car, all of this happened within a fraction of a second.


I was traumatized by the event, but at the same time I was shocked because I could not understand who could have pulled me back, thus sparing me from a sure accident with the oncoming car.


Therefore, to the question if we have ever felt an Angel next to us, I can personally state that yes, he touched me.


I hope I did not bore you with my story,


A kiss to everyone,


Knowing the Guardian Angels located close to us is a testimonial from Daniela




Knowing the Guardian Angels located close to us


Knowing the Guardian Angels


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