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I went to Paradise the story

I went to Paradise the story experiences


I went to Paradise the story : dear Sara, I want to tell you another episode that once again involves my son Simone and I; one night, I was having a wonderful dream; it was my son and I, in a Paradise full of flowers of all colors, scents, intense colors, soft grass, a blue sky with no clouds, gentle hills and birds chirping around us.


Simone and I were bare footed, we were wearing long white tunics.


We were running happy, holding hands, Simone was jumping, laughing, and I was laughing with him.


So, in my dream we were both experiencing such immense joy in this Paradise.


At one point Simone released his hand from mine, and ran in front of me, I watched him running to jump in my lap, I was ready to pick him up, lift him and hug him.


He started running, came really close to me, jumped, I was about to grab him when at some point I woke up all of a sudden, because my son was actually jumping on my bed, waking me up.


I turned the light on.


His face was showing the same happiness and joy that we were feeling in the dream.


He immediately changed expression and started looking around.


And so I asked him: “we were in the garden running around, weren’t we, Simone?”


And he said yes.


He was about five.


”That place was beautiful, wasn’t it?” I asked him.


And he answered yes again. But he looked lost. Confused.


And so I explained to him that an Angel had taken us to Paradise, that we were happy and joyous because we were feeling so well, but then we woke up and we came back to earth.


He smiled, as if he understood the entire situation, and went back to bed.


It was three in the morning. I will never ever forget that night.


Just like I will never forget my son’s expression as he was jumping on my bed, the very same expression he had in my dream.


Simone told me all about his dream, the same as the one I was having ….


We were both dreaming the same thing at the same time, and, I repeat, we were in Paradise …..


Had he not woken me up by jumping on my bed, I suspect I would not have ever remembered that dream, and I would not be here sharing it with you in this testimonial.


It was one of the most intense moments in my life.


To date, whenever I think about it, I remember the joy, the sheer happiness, the love I felt in Paradise, together with my son, bonded by a love that understood not only the two of us but the entire creation around us.


I hope I was able to clearly explain this dream, or this experience, because it is not easy to transmit the joy and stupor that we first felt as we found ourselves in Paradise, and secondly in my son jumping on my big bed with the same expression on his face as he had in his dream.


How can I be sure that it was Paradise???


It was Paradise.


Thank you to our Angels who give us so much joy and hope.


I went to Paradise the story experiences is the testimonial from Consuelo Serena




I went to Paradise the story experiences


I went to Paradise the story


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