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Angels always make us understand presence

Angels always make us understand their presence experiences


Angels always make us understand presence : Angels use whatever we make available to them to transmit to us and give us confirmations of Love, let’s listen to Annalisa’s testimonial.


Dear Sara, I have another testimonial of the presence of our Angels around us.


At home I have a book on Angels, with 52 wonderful cards, each one is associated to a word (for example happiness, freedom, peace …) and each one of these cards has an explanation.


Every time I have a doubt, or a problem, I pick a card and I almost always find an answer.


I am particularly close to the card “Light”, and I believe that it’s the same for my Angel …. in fact, this card always comes up whenever I ask him the question “Are you here with me, are you helping me?”


I have been suffering a lot for the last year, I had a serious dermatitis, which deprived me of all my strength, but thankfully it is cured now, only now I have a pain in my leg which nobody seems able to explain …. I pass my nights sleeplessly, unless I take some anti inflammatory medication, which unfortunately damage my stomach.


My mother and I, both feeling a little tired one evening from a few heavy days, we both picked up a card, one each, right after having expressed a question to our Guardian Angel. Almost every night the card “Light” comes through, always after having asked if he is next to me.


Last night, as usual, we mixed the cards, my mother told me: “Angel, if it’s true that you are with us, help us overcome the adversities of this period, and let us know that you are here!”


I noticed, among all the cards, the one that I felt I was supposed to pick up. It was as if someone directed my eyes on that card. I picked up a random card. LIGHT. We almost started to cry …


Angels always make us understand their presence is a testimonial from Annalisa




Angels always make us understand presence


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