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Intervention of Angels a fire extinguisher

Intervention of Angels a fire extinguisher in the car


Intervention of Angels a fire extinguisher


Hello Sara Luce, after having read the various testimonials of Angels, well, I believe that in the following story there is also their intervention ….. it is not about me but the mother of one of my daughter’s kindergarten mates.


One morning, while she was going to work, I don’t know if it was because she felt sick or fell asleep at the wheel, or she was looking for something, she leaned over toward the passenger seat in her car, while the car was driving straight.


In the opposite lane a bus was arriving, the bus honked the horn but she did not react to it, it ended up hitting the car, catching fire, and the bus was not equipped with a fire extinguisher … but what a coincidence, the car right behind it happened to have inside, you guessed it, a fire extinguisher!!! Who travels with a fire extinguisher in their car?


Well, I suspect the Angels had something to do with this, as soon as I heard about the events I thought that something divine had happened, and now I believe I understand that it was indeed Them.


Now I am even happier because I heard that this lady is doing better and I am super happy because I thought about her a lot, and not only that, I also believe it was a sign for me, given that I am trying to get closer to my Guardian Angel, whom for the moment I am calling Angel … and I don’t know if it was him, but last night, while I was asking him to let me understand if he was there with me, and while I was doing some chores in the house, I did not even notice but I turned the little night light in the kitchen off, and today, that little light, which as far as I am concerned, had been off, is on.


The biggest gift is, in any case, knowing that the lady is now much better and I am really happy! Good bye and thank you!


Hurray for Jesus and Maria!, if I may …




Intervention of Angels a fire extinguisher in the car is Marlene’s testimonial




Intervention of Angels a fire extinguisher in the car


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