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You can do it don’t give up

You can do it don’t give up teachings from the Sky


Dear Sara Luce, last year I had the wonderful gift of discovering your website, and for this I owe you an ENORMOUS THANK YOU, because reading the numerous testimonials has helped me, and still helps me tremendously.


During these frigid winter evenings, I often happen to think of that voice, but … one thing at the time …


Between December 2013 and January 2014 I went through a very challenging period emotionally, I touched rock bottom several times; my family was worried about me, even though I was trying, any way I could, to hide my suffering and I kept everything bottled up inside. I was afraid I would not make it, that I would never see the light again, I felt incapable of carrying my burden, which felt enormous to me.


I remember that I would sleep 3 or 4 hours a night, I would wake up suddenly with my terror, and I would immediately feel myself gripped by a sense of fear. I remember one night in particular, I went to bed, and prayed to God and the Angels that they would help me find a little serenity and I fell asleep crying.


I dreamt I was at the upper level of a house; with me there were, in addition to a man and a woman, with whom I had not spoken, my mother and an elderly lady (I would say she looked to be in her eighties). The lady was sitting on the ground with her back against a wall; I looked at her, her hair white and her eyes light blue. She specifically asked me to help her get up, I could see she had faith in me and she encouraged me to do it using my own strength, I lifted her from under her arms and I gathered my strength, I could feel I was carrying her entire weight while she kept telling me not to give up …. in the end I managed to hoist her up and inside me I kept repeating “You see, you can do it!”. In that moment I woke up, and I realized what I had just dreamed, I turned around in my bed, and fell into a state of semi-sleep, it was dark, I could see a ball of fire approaching me, and I felt a warmth that was burning inside my chest, as if I was catching fire … I remember I moved my right arm in a strange way, and to date I still can not explain it. At the same time, I heard a male voice, clear and crisp, telling me: “Everything will be all right”.


I will never forget those words, I don’t know if it was God, or an Angel, who spoke them, but during those days is when I finally started to actually get better and better and … EVERYTHING WENT WELL! In addition, only a few days later I understood that the elderly lady with the light blue eyes, the one I helped in my dream, was my maternal grandmother, she had passed away when I was only three years old. Slowly but surely everything did turn out for the best, and for this, tonight, at 11 pm, here I am, writing this email to you, with the hope that my experience may give hope to the souls of those who have a lot of sadness in their hearts.


I thank you in advance for the time you will dedicate to my rather long testimonial, and I hope I did not bore you with it!!


A kiss and a tight hug.


You can do it don’t give up teachings from the Sky is Ylenia’s testimonial




You can do it don’t give up teachings from the Sky


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