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The Angels have a message for you

The Angels have a message for you in a time of need


The Angels have a message for you : good Evening Sara Luce, and thank you for your availability; I have always been fascinated with prayers to our Angels, I often call upon them, I often say prayers, or read about Them on the internet, everything about Them attracts me, sometimes I feel Them very close to me, other times not as much.


I had many problems in my life, many wishes that never came true, and left a big void in my heart, but an Angel camouflaged as a friend, was very close to me, and helped me face my deep sadness, and today, I still feel the comfort that came from her, and I accept my status! It is not a disease of the body, rather of the soul, and I lived my life, as I tend to say, only by half.


The other day, however, the Angels sent me a message, a real message, to tell me that They are very close to me, much more than I realize. A while ago, I downloaded on my cell phone an App about Angels, it has prayers, you choose a card, and you find some very simple pleas, to be honest I did not really use this app every day, and I never receive any notification of updates, or anything else.


However, about two weeks ago, it was a Monday, I was very sick, the night before I had gone to the ER, and in the morning I gathered some strength and went to work, although I was so sick I did not even feel like talking, and that’s when I received a notification from my phone, I looked, and in the notification I found the words “The Angels have a message for you”, it was a card from the Angels, this had never happened before, I opened it, and found the card of Archangel Raphael, He was reassuring me, that He was going to lead me to the road of healing, and urged me to pray.


Now I feel a little better, I will have to take some tests, but I know that They are with me.


From that day, I never received any more notifications, but They are with me.


Thank you


The Angels have a message for you in a time of need is Carmen’s testimonial




The Angels have a message for you in a time of need


The Angels have a message for you


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