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Wonderful experiences after the death

Wonderful experiences after the death the love of a parish


Wonderful experiences after the death : hello Sara, my name is Monica, I am writing first of all to compliment you on the wonderful group you have on facebook, and also to tell you about what happened to my father a few days ago.


I would like to explain that he is 88 years old, despite his age he is a very active and intelligent man, he was walking down the stairs when we heard a noise, not even a loud one, my father fell down the stairs!


We found him lying on the floor. Fortunately, and much to our surprise, he was unscathed. But when he told us what happened, we were left speechless!


You need to know that we were very friendly with a local parish, who has been a spiritual guide for us and for everyone who knew him, and sadly he has passed away a while before then.


Well, my father told us that, while he was falling down the stairs, our parish friend actually accompanied him down, and gently laid him on the floor (that’s when we heard the noise), he saw him, and he spoke to him!


As I heard the noise, I rushed down the stairs, and that’s when the parish disappeared, I personally never saw him, only my father saw him!


You know, he told him to be careful, but my father did not understand if he was referring to the stairs, or something else!


Our parish actually appeared in a spot right in front of a painting that I myself had painted for him and given to him, but that once he passed away was returned to the respective families! He really liked that painting, imagine, every time I met him for confession he kept reminding me of it!


My father said that he was wearing a black tunic when he appeared in front of him. He was a real priest, so beloved and respected by all, an association was even started in his memory. In his lifetime, he did true miracles, in the meaning that he led may people who had lost their way, for whatever reason, on to the right path. Imagine, during each Mass his dog was always cuddled below the cross! He truly loved everyone. He died on Ashes’ day, it was an enormous funeral, the papers wrote about him, and I saved those papers. He used to visit each family, and check up on how they were doing, he was FANTASTIC.


My father’s experience left me with so much love, and the certainty that he will never forget about us! I used to talk a lot to him about my parents, and many times he would tell me to be close to them, and now, after his recent visit, we feel even more united than before! Love is such a wonderful feeling! I believe that after death we will really be able to enjoy it fully, feeling part of everything, and this is what I personally imagine paradise to be! Despite my parents’ age, I see them every day, and every day they are more beautiful and full of light!!


Dear Sara Luce, I shared this with you also to spread some love and hope, because there is a big need for it!


Wonderful experiences after the death the love of a parish is Monica’s testimonial




Wonderful experiences after the death the love of a parish


Wonderful experiences after the death


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