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Call from Angels a beautiful gift

Call from Angels a beautiful gift from the other side


Call from Angels a beautiful gift : yesterday was a sad day, it was the anniversary of mum no longer being with us, at around 18,00 I told Giuseppe, my husband “we need to get out, I feel like the Angels are going to let me find something important today, let’s go to the open market”.


Once on a similar trip I had found an old gospel, identical to the one mum used to read to us when we were little girls, another time I found a little statue of a Madonna, made of wood, and her face was identical to the Madonna situated at the cemetery. But this time around, I could find nothing, I was walking around, but not really “seeing” anything.


On the way home I told Giuseppe “Let me offer you an ice cream, let’s go to the Sicilian Ice Cream place on Oderisi Street … we could not find anywhere to park, not even in the do not park stretch of street … oh well …. no ice cream … but wait … further ahead, there is a place called Mela And Cannella and … there is parking!!!


We got off the car, in front of the window shop there was a single bench, and I thought “Once we get the ice cream I am going to sit there and enjoy it, the first ice cream of the season!”


We walked out of the ice cream place, sat on the bench, and were enjoying our ice cream cones; at some point, my gaze fell upon the only flowerbed around,  it was about 6 feet from us … I saw a little light ... .I thought immediately it was something from the Angels … I knew it … I told Giuseppe “What do you think that little light is?” and he replied “A piece of metal, leave it, what are you doing picking things up from the ground?” Yessssss, I got up, I went to see what that light was, it was a splendid maternity Angel pendant, a call from Angels, which still worked, with a beautiful melody to it … well, the Angels pulled all the stops this time!!


Giuseppe and I looked at each other, and started to laugh with happiness … if we told this to someone, they would not believe us … we believe!


For the rest of the evening I was in a state of total and complete gratitude and joy … Giuseppe too ….


Thank you …. Thank you … without you, Sara, I never would have “learned to see” …. I have several stories like this one …. our Angels are very “evident”!!!


Call from Angels a beautiful gift from the other side is Cristina’s testimonial



Call from Angels a beautiful gift from the other side


Call from Angels a beautiful gift


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