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Facing life’s difficulties with a smile

Facing life’s difficulties with a smile and trust


Facing life’s difficulties with a smile : dear Sara I have experienced many situations in my journey, the first important one was when I was expecting my first daughter, I was at risk of losing her, they gave me total anesthesia, it was back in 1980; they administered too much anesthesia so I went into a coma, I was only 19 years old; I escaped my physical body and I was floating in the operating room, I could see what they were doing to me, and then suddenly I woke up in bed, at the time I was interested in Angels.


I managed to complete my pregnancy, I had a splendid little girl, now I was a mother, but since then many events started happening to me, which brought me very close to God, to Jesus, I met many Angels in human form, who let me live many moments with much Love; with every step I took, I would meet people who were needy spiritually and materially, I always helped them, from the Sky they were utilizing me to act verbally, and all of those who listened to me went on the right path.


Those who know me Love me, they call me the “spreader of Love”, I had visual contact with creatures of Light. Lately, following a flu shot I had done in 2009, I had it done not so much for me, because I was always healthy, but for my sweet husband who suffers from thrombocytopenia, low blood platelet count, and so to protect him, the doctor suggested I took the flu shot; exactly three months later, one day I was at work, and my left eye went black … I was admitted to hospital for six months … they could not understand what was happening … I swear to you, six months in hospital, and they could not understand … in the meantime I had lost my eyesight.


I signed the discharge papers, I went to a different hospital, they too could not understand, and I was praying for strength, I had all kinds of tests done, I wanted a diagnosis … my thoughts were conflicted … and eventually my thoughts did meet the diagnosis … abnormal multiple sclerosis .. so they were treating me with cortisone, which was very commonly used, but my body was not reacting well to it … I ended up in a wheelchair, I could not even go to the bathroom alone … in the end they decided to do a complete blood transfusions, which consists of draining my blood, running it through a centrifugal machine, and then pumping it back into my body … I was in a bed with both arms connected to equipment … they did three of these transfusions … the limit for these is four, after which there is a risk of death … well, Sara, while I was there with my arms all hooked up, I prayed to God, how he voluntarily placed his own son Jesus on a cross for us, to save us, and there I was, I felt a warm hand taking my own hand, Jesus is always with me, the body started to react to the medication, even though my eye was beyond hope … still in a wheelchair, on my face I had a sweet smile because I was not alone.


They decided to do a chemotherapy on me, they made me sign the waivers, there was one possibility to one thousand that a tumor could develop, I managed to leave the wheelchair, I started to walk, after a few months a lymphatic node on my neck started to swell as I was doing an MRI to check on my sclerosis, they took a tiny sample for biopsy from my lymphatic node on my throat …. the outcome was a malignant carcinoma, not operable … I started a new battle, 7 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, 32 radiotherapies done, generally people can not go through the entire set, but while I was inside that machinery, dear Sara, I would leave my body there, and I would go to the sea, walking in the woods, I would feel nature.


In the end, the result: the cancer was eliminated, had it not worked, I would not even been here.


Every time I would pray to God to guide the hands of the radiotherapy equipment operators, they could have ruined my left ear, but everything went well. The hair behind my nape has grown back, much to their surprise, the doctors told me that had it not been for my resilient personality, the outcome could have easily been negative, in any case, thank God I am here, there are still many things I need to do, I am now the grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren, I have a splendid husband, and two incredible children.


And so here is my story, over the last year I started losing half the eyesight on the remaining good eye, I can’t do everything now, but I am here, and I thank God, the Angels, the Archangels, and I thank Jesus who always holds my hand.


The world needs a lot of Love, here is my rather long story, I am sorry Sara, forgive me, but there would have been so many more events to list, I just Thank you, and may many people be illuminated.


Thank you Sara


Facing life’s difficulties with a smile and trust is a testimonial from Carmen




Facing life’s difficulties with a smile and trust


Facing life’s difficulties with a smile


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