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Dreams sent to us by our departed ones

Dreams sent to us by our departed ones experiences


Dreams sent to us by our departed ones : hello dearest Sara, if you will allow me, and if you feel like reading this, I would like to tell you about two dreams I had, and one dream that my husband had, all of the about our departed parents.


They are dreams that I KNOW are particular, I can feel it … I hope they are actual messages ...


The first is about my father.


He left us suddenly, one evening in May 1992 … he left my mother desperate … I knew that my other would have been a handful because she was a good woman, but did not want to be helped (At that time I did not know yet that she was suffering from Alzheimer … back then people hardly even talked about this condition).


And this is how the Calvary started for my brother and me … she would drive me crazy: she did not want me to do anything, she never wanted to wash herself! I would sneak her dirty laundry out of the window, so she would not see me taking it home with me so I could wash it, this is just an example.


Now, I do not wish to complain about her, because she is no longer here and this is not nice … but sometimes we really would lose our minds.


The dream … the dream was something really brief, I believe it is a message from my father, who loved each one of us so much.


I dreamt that we were in the kitchen, I was by the door to the room I slept in when at my mother’s house, and my mother was at the gas stove .. my father was in the middle, and he told us, in his local slang “I ALWAYS THINK OF YOU”. For me, that was a message of Love, not just a simple dream.


The second one was about my father in law.


He too died almost suddenly, following a heart condition.


At that time I had already read something about out of body experiences, and once I asked him, casually, if during one of his stints at the hospital (he had more than one cardiac arrest) he had ever “dreamt” something … he knew what I meant to say, and he asked me if I was referring to those experiences, and he answered shortly that he had not seen anything at all, and that neither God nor anything else was real. I shut up.


After many months, I dreamt of him with a very lucid dream … I became emotional when I saw him, and in my dream I told him “Ah, you are here! Uncle Theodore arrived too then! And what about Very? You are with mother (my mother in law) and he answered curtly: IT’S NOT HOW YOU THINK.


What was I supposed to be thinking? I thought that, even though he was a man who cursed a lot and a convinced atheist, he was a good father, a good husband, a good man, who could also be in paradise?


Maybe I was wrong, maybe God does not accept those who have constantly denied him ... I don’t know …. but I needed a long time to give it this meaning.


The third dream is the one my husband had.


You must know, dear Sara, that my approach to God after these lectures had also brought my husband to take a little step closer to the Church and to God.


With that being said … in 1998 we were refurbishing part of our modest home … when the work was completed, my husband and I stood together to proudly admire the work we had done, and to take it all in, my husband at that point said: HOW NICE WOULD IT BE IF MY MOTHER COULD SEE THIS … because that home was an old abode left to us by his mother.


A few days later, he told me: you know, I dreamt of my other (it was an unusual dream, also given that my husband never dreams!)


I asked him: and so? How was the dream? .... and he replied: she was right here, we looked at each other, and we told each other “It’s been a long time since we saw each other, isn’t it? And we hugged”.


My mother in law had passed 15 years prior, and I believe she had come to say hello to my husband, her much loved son.


It was a long story, wasn’t it? But these are the dreams of a lifetime ….


All other dreams that I had, or that I still have, have never had any value of any kind.


I hope I did not bore you …. and here, for now, I will end my little spiritual experiences, if we choose to call them that.


A big hug


Dreams sent to us by our departed ones is a story told us by Elena




Dreams sent to us by our departed ones


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