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Orb energy from the Sky

Orb energy from the Sky a little green orb


Orb energy from the Sky : hello Sara Luce, I would like to write about an event that happened to me about fifteen years ago, I would like for people to be able to read it and for me to understand if other people have also had a similar experience.


I am a reserved person, I would like for my name not to appear on the testimonial.


I was twenty five, something happened in my life that shook me (if I was to tell it nowadays, nobody would be shocked because it’s become a common thing nowadays, but at the time, having lived a relatively quiet and serene life, I felt like the world had fallen upon me). I was experiencing very strong emotions, I was suffering as if I had the very worst of diseases happen to me (today I know it not to be the case, and I guess I knew it then too, but I was suffering immensely anyway)


One night, while I was in my bedroom at our seaside house, I was laying down, thousands of thoughts were running through my head and bothering me, suddenly I saw a little green light on the white bedroom door. I suddenly got up, to understand what it was, I touched it, nothing happened, I remember it was green, a little green circle, only about a couple of millimeters wide, it was spinning, spinning, spinning slowly over the door, it was spinning and tracing a circle. I got close to the door, I shut it, then reopened it, to understand if perhaps it was the projection of some light coming from some other place of the room or even from outside the room …. so I closed the shutters, to ensure there would be no light coming from outside reflecting inside, I shut the door, turned off the light, the light was still there, spinning, green and tiny, until it disappeared a few minutes later … and I was still seeking for a possible source for that light.


I went back to bed, I thought about it for days, then slowly I began telling myself that the pain I was experiencing those days maybe made me see something that was not real … even though I knew I was very present despite my pain, I was very conscious, case in point that I had tried to understand what the light was, I could not believe it.


I told my fiancée about what had happened, he is now my husband, but I never gave it too much importance, I don’t even think that today he would even remember me talking about it, unless I reopened the topic and reminded him of it.


A few months later I decided to tell my father, even though I was very concerned about what I was about to tell him, I was afraid he would think I had imagined the whole thing … and since then I never shared it with anybody else.


Today I write it on your site, hoping that someone may help me understand what happened that summer night … someone from the Sky wanted to give me courage, or tell me something?


Thank you


Orb energy from the Sky a little green orb is a testimonial from A.




Orb energy from the Sky a little green orb


Orb energy from the Sky


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