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Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky

Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky a guide to the solution


Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky : dear Sara, you see, to allow you understand what happened I need to start from the beginning, for this reason my story will be a little lengthy, however I will try to be as succint as possible, without leaving out anything, to allow the non believers to understand that sometimes dreams are not just dreams.


Emilio, my companion, flew away on 1st July 2013, we were not married, and fortunately for me, he had left behind a will … once they initiated the reading of the will at the attorney’s office, I realized that the timing was going to be very slow to complete the process, even if I understood basically what he had left behind for me and what he had left to his brothers and nephews,  with that being said, I will also add that we had bought our house with a lot of enthusiasm, it was in the countryside, a detached home with two apartments sitting on a very large garden, on 4,000 square meters of land.


Towards the month of September I had the first strange dream, I dreamt that we were all sitting at a table together, he was bare chested, not saying anything, I remembered in my dream that he was no longer alive, so I kept asking him how it was possible that he was sitting at the table with me, since he was dead, he still did not reply, but he extended his hand, he picked up a white bra, and that’s when I woke up.


That dream kept presenting itself over and over again, I kept thinking about it, because I was sure it was hiding a very specific message, and since it was not leaving me alone, I started to research the meaning of dreams, the meaning of a bra in dreams, but the answers were not satisfactory to me, I felt that the dream tormented me because even though the message was very clear, it was not all that clear to me ….


After a while I had another dream that left me with the same sensation as the first one, a dream where we were close to a dock, he decided to go for a swim, but I had noticed that his wrist watch was laying on the ground, unattended, and I rushed to pick it up, and I kept it very close to my chest … same routine as the other dream, so now I had not one but two dreams buzzing in my head ….


I started to dive into books and google, nothing caught my attention …. on the month of April, I think it was April anyway, one morning I opened facebook, like I do every morning, after breakfast, I went to my home page to see what notifications or messages there may be, well, that morning I found a friendship request, generally I do not add anybody, but this time I decided to click on the profile, to see if it was someone I knew, so I opened the page and it asked for a friendship of a specific page.. .this page talks about dreams. Needless to say, my reaction was one of complete shock, my jaw must have hit the ground for a good 10 minutes … (I forgot to tell you that in the meantime, the will had come through, which is an important element) and so I slapped myself on the face a couple of times, I woke myself up again, I accepted the friendship, I immediately opened the chat and saw that the person behind the chat happened to be online at that very moment. I immediately decided to write to him, explaining that I did not really know him, and did not know why he had asked for a friendship request to me, but that he had also happened to arrive at the right time!!! (now I know this was not a coincidence) and so I ask him who he was, in what capacity he dealt with dreams, and I explained to him that I was suffering for my loss, I introduced myself a little, without sharing too much, I stayed fairly vague ….


I ended up finding a very sweet and very helpful person on the other side, he explained to me that he is not a psychologist, in his life he actually deals with something completely different, but that in his life he has always been able to interpret people’s dreams ever since he had recovered from a long term coma, years before, he had an OBE, he went into the thin world, on the other side of the veil … so I decided to share with him my two dreams that kept taunting me, still clear and lucid in my mind, just like I described them to you, very clear still to date; everything happened live with him, it had only been ten minutes since I had accepted his friendship I here I was, telling him about my dreams … I told him about the dream of the bra, he immediately answered, OK, the dream is simple and very clear, the man at the table with you, the white bra, the message said that soon you were going to hear about things that belonged to him, and they needed to go to you … I can not tell you Sara, I managed not to pass out, but I was not too far away from it, because in all the legal practice, I had noticed that his brother had put the entire land lot on his name, without dividing it into two apartments, leaving me with practically only the right to use the gate, but without use of the garden!!! And this happened because he had left the other apartment to them, leaving me with the right to use the house, but the land title was in their name (I am much younger than they are …)


In any case, I then shared the second dream, the one of the watch, and he quickly answered: watch, a date and a time in which a situation that is currently pending will find a solution in your favor.


Well, I could not believe what I was reading, I had already called a lawyer, we were about to start a litigation over this, since I wanted to regain part of MY garden, also due to the fact that the house sits right in the middle of this garden, and I have two dogs.


Let me cut to the chase, I will not tell you about all other beautiful dreams I had, and the beautiful cooperation that was born with this person, but I will tell you that I was going to the hearings, and I knew in advance the moves and the results of them, my Emi would warn me in advance about everything that was going to happen, and he always told me that I would receive what I wanted, but that I must not give up … sweet Sara … and so it was, on 11th November 2014 they closed the lawsuit, in my favor, now I have put a gate along my side of land for my dogs, and my brother in law will bear a grudge forever… what a shame …. Everything worked perfectly, his messages, the person who was able to “read” them to me, the premonition of everything that was going to be happening, that turned out to be very accurate ….


This person could not have known anything about this, he only interpreted the dreams I told him, I have everything written down, and now I think, if I had known him right away, at the time when I had the dreams, and I still had not know about the issue with the will, well …. He would have predicted my dream to the letter!!!


This is it, we have found our way to communicate, and ever since the issue was resolved, I dream of him much less often (he must be very tired too)


I hope I was clear in my story, I hope my testimonial may really help, and give a little serenity, it’s true that dreams are wishes … but not always, dreams can also be messages, real meetings, oh, I could tell you so many more things …. for now I shall give you a very big kiss.


Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky a guide to the solution is the testimonial from Mirella




Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky a guide to the solution


Interpretation of dreams sent from the Sky


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