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Life before birth memories

Life before birth memories of a Soul before his was even conceived


Life before birth memories : let’s think about this, humans teach us, that a child is alive ever since the first few moments of the inception, the embryo is already a life and needs to be respected, we have an idea of a reality of a child from his first movements inside the belly, we women can feel them moving inside us, our men and friends and relatives see the belly move, or they place a hand on it and they can feel the wonderful movement; all this is physical, what the body sends to us through the body, the new life that is about to be born on earth.


However, we women are only creating the shell, the container that will host a Soul who, for its own evolution, for its own spiritual growth, has chosen us and our family. Just like we are Souls currently in this earthly shell to lead our experience on earth, so it’s for that Soul for whom we are preparing a shell.


This sweet Soul that will be with us because they believe, together with the Sky, we are the most suitable for their project of growth, is not created when we create the physical shell, the physical container, but it was already alive in the Sky.


We have rare testimonials of life before birth, because the vast majority of us, at the moment of incarnation, at a conscious level, promptly forget everything … others forget as they grow up, other never forget. Certainly there is a very precious reason for remembering this, or for remembering and then forgetting, or for forgetting everything all together.


Everything that is true goodness for a Soul will take place. Freedom sometimes passes also from knowledge, from memories.


Today I am bringing you this emotional testimonial of a child who, he says in a “dream”, remembers having already been in the house of his future grandparents, well before his was even conceived, and describes it in all its details, leaving everyone speechless, but let’s go ahead and listen to Anna’s testimonial


Dear Sara Luce, last Thursday my daughter Angela, with my two little grandchildren, came to visit our home, I was here with my husband, my son in law was traveling on a business trip. They were with us three days.


One morning, Emidio, my three and a half years old grandchild, woke up and came to the kitchen, where his mother was preparing his breakfast. I bent over to him and I gave him a little kiss, wishing him a good morning. He looked at me with his big eyes and a very serious expression, pensive and focused, which was not his style, usually he is very sunny and smiling. He told me, very convincingly “Grandmother, you and grandpa have two homes”. I told him no, that we only had this one. And he insisted several times, saying that he had dreamt it.


In the beginning, my daughter, my husband and I laughed it off, but his persistence started to tickle our curiosity. I asked him to describe this house to me ….


The first thing he said, was that it had very high ceilings, his little arm and his gaze were looking straight up. Then I asked him if the rooms were small or large, and he answered … they were large, extremely large. Then I asked him if the kitchen was small like the one in our home. And he said “No, grandma, the kitchen was also huge”.


Then he came off the chair, and he showed me the layout of the furniture of the kitchen. Imagine, Sara, he even knew where the washing machine and dishwasher were. Then he told me that the pictures, the ones we have in the kitchen, in the other home he could see those pictures were actually hanging on the opposite wall, he even indicated the wall. Then he said that in that home we did not have the fish tank that was currently sitting on a piece of furniture in the kitchen.


You see Sara, he left us speechless, because his description reflected exactly the description of the home where we had lived until five years prior, when he was not even born yet. It was a very old house, very high ceilings, no fish tank, with the dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen, while now they are inside a separate room next to the kitchen. And the exact layout of the furniture.


I asked him who was in that house, he answered that there was his mum, his dad, grandpa, himself, and me. He did not see his little brother Daniele, who is 18 months old, nor my own son, his uncle Gigi.


I don’t know if this story can be useful to you, I shared all the details with you, Sara. My mother, when she suffered from cancer, with her approval, came back home with us, and when my daughter Angela was expecting Emidio, she would let her beloved grandma caress her belly, and she would always tell her that it was going to be a little boy. When my mum went to the Sky, May 2011, my daughter was not feeling well, she was having contractions that were risky for the baby. Soon after the departure of grandma, one night, she dreamt of her, where grandma reassured her to calm down that everything was going to be all right.


And so it was, a few days later, Angela no longer had any problems, and in September Emidio was born.


My apologies for having indulged in a lengthy story Sara, but I did not want to leave out any detail. I still don’t know what to make of this, shall we say, little “dream”.


A hug to you Sara, thank you for your attention.


Life before birth memories of a Soul before his was even conceived is a testimonial from Anna




Life before birth memories of a Soul before his was even conceived


Life before birth memories


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