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Orb a little resplendent globe of light

Orb a little resplendent globe of light sent from the Sky


Orb a little resplendent globe of light


Dear Sara Luce, my name is Elisabetta, I wanted to tell you about a very important experience I had, a sweet helping hand I received from the Sky, a sweet presence, a globe of light that was sent to me in answer to all of my prayers.


Everything happened 7 years ago, I was still married, separated but living in the same home for 15 years, I did this to allow our children to grow up in a harmonious environment, close to both parents, without wars, but with little respect for one another.


My ex husband is a staunch atheist, what hurt me the most was his constant swearing, even for very menial things.


In the evening, when I would go to bed, I would speak to Father Pio, my Angel, I would say countless prayers, begging them to make Sandro stop swearing: one night, I even heard the roar of a tiger … VERY VERY LOUD, I got scared, but then I understood that his Soul was beginning to perceive my modest prayers.


From that night on, for about a month, a little, round, tiny, shiny light would enter my window, regardless of whether the window was open or not, and fly into my bedroom. It would wander around, then it would position itself in the middle of the bed, between my husband and me, and then it would start jumping around again.


Its last stop would always be with me, it would hover over me lightly as a feather, it almost looked like it was staring at me, I don’t know why, it would make me laugh, do you know Sara, how many times I asked myself in bed what on earth I was laughing at??? Then I understood that my Soul was picking up on his congeniality.


I still miss my nightly companion, brighter than a diamond kissed by a ray of sunshine, but the most beautiful gift I received was that I no longer heard my husband swear.


I did not investigate, or ask him questions, for me it was enough to know that the Sky had come to rescue him.


Orb a little resplendent globe of light sent from the Sky was a testimonial from Elisabetta




Orb a little resplendent globe of light sent from the Sky


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