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I see Paradise in my dreams

I see Paradise in my dreams thanks to the Angels


I see Paradise in my dreams : dear Sara Luce, I see Paradise in my dreams, it’s wonderful, those are special dreams, special experiences, everything is so wonderful, so vivid!


There is no value for what I saw.


During those special dreams I would receive messages, usually I find myself in unknown places, or maybe the Angels and Souls are simply sending me special sensations.


I do not see myself as a sensitive, I simply speak with the Angels.


My last special dream was impressed in my mind, it happened a couple of months ago … I found myself with my aunt, she was there when I was born, she saw me grow up (to date his children are like siblings to me), and she passed away three years ago.


My mother, her and I were sitting down on some lawn chairs. The sun was wonderful, a bright blue sky the likes I had never seen before, and a peace that I had never felt before. I felt light in my Soul, I felt happy. There could not be something that could bring me sadness because I was with God. Or this is how I interpreted this very strong sensation I had. It felt as if time had stood still … and such a peace, such serenity; it felt as if they were lasting an eternity. Simply put, I felt as if that place was going to be my home, but not just yet.


When I woke up, I felt like crying, because I asked myself if I was ever going to see that place again. Over here, nowadays, we have to live among evil, among envy and who knows what else. I personally am tired of it. I no longer feel like a human being, actually! Sometimes I lose hope, it’s not very simple to be able to witness how Love reigns in Paradise, and then see how many difficulties are around each one of us on earth!! I would love for each one of us to take consciousness of who we really are: Souls. Life on earth would be completely different!


I thank you once again Sara Luce


I see Paradise in my dreams thanks to the Angels is a testimonial from Vanessa




I see Paradise in my dreams thanks to the Angels


I see Paradise in my dreams


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