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My plea to the Angels and Archangels

My plea to the Angels and Archangels after the robbery


My plea to the Angels and Archangels


Hello Sara, how are you? Sorry to bother you, I wanted to update you on what happened to me last Thursday: I was the victim of a robbery in the communal garage of my building, and the thief ran away with my handbag while I was sitting in my car.


You can imagine the damage, my house keys, bank cards, documents. I went to the police, I was desperate.


In the evening, I was in my bed, I was begging my Angel, the three Archangels and my Angel friend, asking them to at least let me find the drivers license (I still have the old one). Well …. the following morning I got a phone call from the local police office, telling them that someone had turned in something that belonged to me. Well, it was my bag, with my home keys, my drivers license, my identity card, and inside the identity card was a red heart made of paper …. incredible!!! All this after my plea to the Angels and Archangels!


You see Sara, I did have feelings of fear, but only after the rape, strangely! Actually I felt profound sorrow for the young man, I read his desperation. After the incident (I also read it out to the police for the report) I did not feel resentment, hatred, or anger, just compassion. Perhaps, maybe, he would not have had much compassion for me if I had refused to give him my bag: these are things that are not for me to know. However, I never bring any cash in my bag: I had some coins, maybe seven euros in total, nothing else, and the biggest nuisance was that of blocking all my bank cards.


The Angels were ‘GREAT”, I thank them for having helped me, as usual, and let’s hope that they may be able to help me even with the last request I asked of them.


I send you a loving and very tight hug …. have a nice day!!!


My plea to the Angels and Archangels after the robbery is the testimonial from Elisabetta




My plea to the Angels and Archangels after the robbery


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