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Presence of Angels we are not alone

Presence of Angels we are not alone they listen


Presence of Angels we are not alone : dearest Sara, I have been reading your testimonials for a while now; I had several experiences of “presence of Angels”; today I finally decided to tell you about my story.


A few years ago, I went through a dark and critical period. A series of events had precipitated me into the darkest of depression. My dad had recently passed away, my husband had left me to go live with another woman, leaving me alone with a six year old daughter, without mentioning a job that was proving difficult to find.


One afternoon, in my daughter’s bed I had a moment a desperation, I was crying, I was speaking out aloud, talking to my father with strong words … I kept repeating my words.


The following day, in the morning, a friend of mine came to visit (it was very early, so I was naturally a little worried), she told me she had a message for me, and that there was no way in hell she was going to forget it.


She sat down, and started telling me that she heard my father, who told her to pass this message to me, and to not forget it at all … you can not imagine, after having heard those words, so many sensations started to cross my mind: emotions, shock, joy. He heard me!!


While my eyes were filling up with tears, my friend was watching me carefully, she still could not understand … I told her everything, it’s as if something of an extraordinary nature was surrounding us in that moment.


Soon she joined me, so it was the two of us crying and laughing together simultaneously.


Every now and then we both remember that episode that changed my way of looking at situations, and even hers. We are not alone! They do listen to us!!!


From that moment on, something changed inside me …. my way of facing adversities, I have a great awareness that we are not alone and that strength comes to us from the Sky, so that we can continue with our journey with courage and serenity. Our dear Angels intervene for us, and always listen to us.


Thank you Angels! Thank you Sara


Presence of Angels we are not alone they listen is a testimonial from Anna




Presence of Angels we are not alone they listen


Presence of Angels we are not alone


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