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Guardian Angel phrases and presence

Guardian Angel phrases and presence in my life


Guardian Angel phrases and presence


Dear Sara, lately something strange is happening to me, something peculiar ….


Just like you, I noticed that hearts seem to keep appearing to me out of nowhere, for example inside my cappuccino cup, or pebbles, or, even, a year ago I was at the seaside with my companion and we picked up a deflated red balloon, which was in the shape of a heart, I actually framed it and now it’s hanging on the wall in our bedroom.


I have been noticing that, for a while now, a strange phenomenon has been happening …. I might be pronouncing or reading a word, and at exactly the same time, someone else is also saying the very same words, often on the radio, or television … and this is done in complete unison … do you believe that it might be a sign of the presence of an Angel?


A long time ago, on a particular occasion, I was fortunate to be able to actually hear a very clear and precise voice, telling me where I would be able to find a very good friend of mine, of whom I was very much enamored, and sure enough I met him exactly in the spot that the voice had told me, and on another occasion, the voice told me that the very beautiful girl that was sitting at the counter of a bar I was in, was going to become the companion of the man who was, at that time, my boyfriend … and that’s what happened … those words were from my Guardian Angel … and in that same period, one night, while I was half asleep, I saw at the feet of my bed a very handsome young man, with dark hair and eyes, and the sweetest smile, the most beautiful face, he was wearing a black jacket and a white scarf n the jacket … I was screamed in terror …. ever since then he only appeared in my dreams … I don’t know if he was my Guardian Angel, but I feel such a deep love for him, a love so profound as if I had known him forever …


An affectionate hug ….


Guardian Angel phrases and presence in my life is a testimonial from Carlotta




Guardian Angel phrases and presence in my life


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