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Saint Rita From Cascia Church

Saint Rita from Cascia Church dedicated to Saint Rita


Saint Rita From Cascia Church : hello Sara, it’s been a while since I last wrote to you, my life is not happy at the moment, and whenever I feel like this, I close myself off from everyone, even if this time I am actually trying to come out of it, I always find great comfort in praying, and I want to share with you an episode that filled my heart with joy and gratitude, at such a sad time of my life; last Friday was the anniversary of Saint Rita From Cascia, as you know she is the patron of desperate cases, I had promised myself to seek a Church in Rome that was dedicated to her, and on google I found one in her name, it is in Viale Vergini, at the corner with Via Umiltà.


Last Friday unfortunately I was not able to go, partly for health reasons (for several days now I have been suffering from a bad cough), last Saturday afternoon I was alone since my boys were spending the weekend with their father, and so I decided to go; as I left my neighborhood the weather was slightly overcast, but with no threat of rain, however, I grabbed a little umbrella with me just in case.


I got off the underground station Barberini (Via Delle Vergini is located near the Trevi Fountain) and by the time I got there it was pouring down, my flimsy flat shoes were soaked … I did not give up on my mission and I kept on looking for the church … alas …. it was closed, I stopped there, in the pouring rain, and I prayed while standing outside.


It stopped raining, and despite my soaked feet I decided to walk a little bit (It helps me a lot when I am down), I actually walked a lot, all the way to Via Merulana, where there are two Churches, one in front of the other, the first was of Saint Anthony in Laterano, I had visited it two weeks prior in occasion of the visit of the Madonna Pellegrina of Fatima, and so I decided to go inside the one in front of it, the Church of Saint Marcellino.


It was completely empty, I sat on the benches in the back, and I started to pray … all of a sudden my eyes caught an icon that was near the organ and the altar, from far away I could tell it was the image of a nun, even though I could not distinguish any more details of it, however, I felt attracted to it, I walked toward it .. the frame was showing a nun, with a crucifix in her hand, and lots of roses all around her … there was no legend explaining who she was, I just happened to know she was Saint Rita, because the crucifix and the roses are her symbols … I was crying with gratitude, I felt that today she wanted to “reward” me, for having gone out to seek her, despite my health, despite the rain, despite my health issues, despite the rain, despite my interior anguish ….


I really wanted to share this with you,


A sweet hug from me,




Saint Rita and the wonder of the rose: About five months before her death, Saint Rita, one winter day, with frigid temperatures and a blanket of snow covering everything, received the visit of a relative, and as the visitor was leaving, she asked Saint Rita if she wished for anything, to which Saint Rita answered that she would have liked a rose from her garden. Once the relative returned to her town of Roccaporena, she went to her little garden and she was astonished to see that there was one beautiful rose, in bloom, so she picked it and brought it to Rita.


And so it is that Saint Rita From Cascia became the Saint of the Thorn and the Saint of the Rose.


Saint Rita from Cascia Church dedicated to Saint Rita is a testimonial from Paoletta




Saint Rita from Cascia Church dedicated to Saint Rita


Saint Rita from Cascia Church


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