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Strong scent of flowers

Strong scent of flowers scents sent from the Sky


Strong scent of flowers


Hello Sara, it’s been a long time since we last got in touch with each other … let’s just say that lately, I don’t have any news ….


However, this morning, it happened … I was in the kitchen, I was making breakfast, preparing my children’s lunch bags, and I smelled a strong scent of flowers …. I moved to a different room to see if I could still smell it, but no, it was only in the kitchen, I opened the door to the balcony, nothing, it was not coming from outside … the first thing that I thought of was “Dad, is it you? ... I wonder what this means …”


At eleven in the morning, my husband and I called the bank director, we had to ask him for some information, he stopped us right there, and told us that the negotiation we had underway ended successfully … this was after about a month from our first request … we had almost given up, after that we proceeded to ask the information we were looking for.


Only later, still excited from the good news that would bring about a lot of savings for our family, I turned to my father, I felt an impulse telling me: see? This is what was supposed to happen ….


The scent of flowers this morning was telling me that my father was close to me and he was giving me a heads up that we were going to receive some good news.


I also have the feeling that this is not the end of it … it’s as if something else still has to happen … I hope it’s something positive!!!


A hug


Strong scent of flowers scents sent from the Sky is a testimonial from Agata




Strong scent of flowers scents sent from the Sky


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