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Encounter with my Guardian Angel

Encounter with my Guardian Angel a ribbon of light


Encounter with my Guardian Angel


Hello Sara Luce, I believe a few days ago I actually met my Guardian Angel, I am not sure, but I think so.


A few days beforehand I was in bed, I asked all the Angels present there to show up and make themselves visible, and as usual nothing happened, I have been asking my Guardian Angel for months to tell me his name, but I never saw any coincidences, or dreams, that answered my question.


I was at an art show, it was inside an old deconsecrated church, it was sunny outside. I was looking at some paintings, and I moved slightly to the right to be able to see the next one, and in that moment I saw, to my left, suddenly a ribbon of light, round, the size of a ball, this flash of light surprised me with the speed with which it appeared.


I immediately thought it was my Guardian Angel, showing me that He was close to me. I looked behind me, at the stained glass windows where the light was coming in from, but I could not understand where that ray of light could be entering from, besides, it was not on the floor before, it simply appeared.


I like that church, a few moments before the light appeared, I was telling the painter that, if I could afford it, I would buy the church back and return it to being a consecrated place again.


Encounter with my Guardian Angel a ribbon of light is a testimonial from Alessandro




Encounter with my Guardian Angel a ribbon of light


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