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An Angel to help me a letter

An Angel to help me a letter sent by an Angel


An Angel to help me : dearest Sara Luce, almost a year ago I wrote to you, following the death of my mother, you had answered that the scent I could smell, and sometimes that I can still smell, to date, was indeed her, and it was the scent of Paradise; since then I follow your website with passion, I work all day, but as soon as I can, even during my lunch break, I read the angelic testimonials, and now I would like to tell you a little about me; you may turn this into one of your testimonials, if you wish. If you believe it can be of help, well, I will leave it up to you.


I married young, more than 30 years ago, but the marriage did not even last one year, since I fell ill with a nervous breakdown. We received the annulment from the Church, due to my inability to comprehend and make decisions, while I actually wanted to annul my marriage because it had never been ‘consummated’. After many years I finally healed, also thanks to doctors and my family members who have been very close to me. I had different short relationships, but they all ended quickly.


At the age of 40, 14 years ago, I met a man who made me lose my head completely for him. It was a lightning strike, I was under the impression that it was mutual, but there was a problem: he was married. Suddenly my values ceased to matter, I was like a different person, my parents were more and more desperate. One night, I was in my bedroom, alone and sad, I started reading a newspaper and I read the letter of a daughter, who was desperate because she did not know what to do. She had become the lover of a married man, and she discovered that he was not in love with her as he had claimed to be, and was not about to change anything for her, she was desperate, she had relinquished all her values and she was frustrated because she realized what a big mistake she had made.


Looking back at it now, I am sure that an Angel had sent that letter for me, to help me, but at that time I was not ready to think about it, I was not thinking about anything, I was only thinking about me. I became the that man’s mistress, I was promptly dumped by him the moment he met another girl, and I became desperate, just like the girl in the letter.


Slowly but steadily I recovered also from this story.


I asked God for forgiveness for everything I had done, and I still am asking for it, because I am profoundly ashamed of it, and I know I have no excuse for it. I went to confession. One day, an Angel let me meet the man who is now my husband. The nicest man in the world, and I am not the only one to say it. You should meet him!


Sorry for writing such a long letter, but I wanted to give you a little bit of myself, and I would love to meet you one day. I forgot one thing: one day, I was in the bathroom at my office, at the time I had very short hair. Someone touched my hair and moved it. I was not even afraid, and for some reason I thought of my grandparents, who knows?


A big hug to you Sara Luce, and extend my hello to all the splendid people who write to you. There are testimonials that literally make me cry, and give me goose bumps. Even when I read some passages of the Gospel, I get goose bumps, and my local Priest once told me that it was the Holy Spirit. I really believe it is true.




I hope I will soon meet my Angel. I have so many things to tell him.


An Angel to help me a letter sent by an Angel is a testimonial from Federica




An Angel to help me a letter sent by an Angel


An Angel to help me


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