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Little Angel watches over the baby’s cradle

Little Angel watches over the baby’s cradle extraordinary events


Little Angel watches over the baby’s cradle


What a beautiful gift it is to see a little pink Angel, suspended above the cradle, busy watching over his own child … but let’s take a step back … a few weeks ago I received these words from Maria Grazia:


Dear Sara Luce, when my mother talks about my birth, she describes it as a miracle, for she suffered enormously, I was extracted with forceps, and for a moment my heart beat could not be felt … it was in 1956. Before giving birth, my mother had prayed to the Madonna that, if I was going to be born, my name would have been Maria Grazia. A few months later, while I was asleep in my cradle, my mother came into the room, and saw a little creature of light, this is how she describes it, it was watching over me, and then it quickly disappeared. She was surprised by the event, and for many years she told everyone about this extraordinary event; actually, she still does, to date. It was an Angel! At least, everyone was in agreement in giving the same answer.


And so I asked Maria Grazia to let her mother describe to us the event, this is her reply:


First of all I thank you, Sara Luce, for this first contact, and just like you suggested, I asked my mother if she could be a little more specific in her description of what she had seen … these are her words: “I was walking into my bedroom to check up on your sleep, but right there at the door I had to stop for a moment, I saw that in a specific point, right above your cradle, a little angel was hovering there, I believe he was keeping an eye on you, it was a little shapeless form, the color was pale pink … and then, I am not sure how, it disappeared.


I immediately wondered if Angels for children are actually smaller in size … then I told the same story to the owner of my home, she told me that it was not such an unusual event, because it had also happened in her family, it happened to one of her own children, when he was very small”.


Good Bye


Little Angel watches over the baby’s cradle extraordinary events is a testimonial from Maria Grazia




Little Angel watches over the baby’s cradle extraordinary events


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