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Love after death the embrace from dad

Love after death the embrace from dad experiences


Love after death the embrace from dad : dearest Sara Luce, as you know, or as you probably guessed, 4 years ago I created my own personal family; it’s my elderlies, I gathered this family for me to learn about tolerance, understanding, compassion, and patience (not forgiveness, because I learnt that many years ago, but that’s another chapter from the “book” of my life!), so, it was three members of my family, but on the 6th of May, the uncle that was the most, so to speak, “with it”, passed away and I was living through a moment of real discomfort, both physically and psychologically: more worries with two little old ladies with no memory (my mother has Alzheimer and no longer recognizes me!), and my aunt is ill and bedridden, in short, I was desperate.


I went to bed asking my beloved Angels to let me sleep, and not let me wake up at three in the morning as usual, ridden with thoughts and fears! I fell asleep quickly and … I believe at around the time that I usually wake up, I saw my beloved dad coming towards me (the one other person who really loved me, in addition to my grandmother from my father’s side) he was so handsome …. dressed in shirt and tie … he was smiling and serene … he was not speaking, but I could read in his eyes all the love that I needed, and his look covered me in the sweetest of embraces … I felt wonderfully well … it was like the old times, when I was in his arms … I felt well!


I don’t know how long I was in his embrace … but at some point I felt my husband moving in the bed, and so I told him: “I am not sleeping, but I can’t open my eyes, because I don’t want this embrace with my father to end” …. and while I was telling him this, I “felt” my father saying “I won’t leave you … I am with you, and I am always embracing you!” and so I opened my eyes, but the sweet sensation of that embrace is still very much within me!


Thank you Sara Luce


Love after death the embrace from dad is the testimonial from Giulietta




Love after death the embrace from dad


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