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The gift of Faith during pain

The gift of Faith during pain signs from the Sky


The gift of Faith during pain


Hello Sara, I lost a son in April 2013, he was 13 years and a half, my Raffy left us following 16 days of irreversible coma due to a cerebral aneurysm … I miss him a lot, and yet I feel his presence; God gave me the gift of faith during those 16 days in the ICU, I would pray while in pain, at the feet of his bed, I would pray the Holy Father.


I always believed in God, only with him I found solace, one night Jesus embraced me in church, it was my first presence at the Eucharistic adoration ... I asked for a hug, and He came to give it to me, I was sitting at the benches all the way in the back …


I received several signs, I also found three hearts, the priest casually blessed them since they happened to have falleon out of my bag during a confession, and the priest promptly blessed them when I told him “Father, I found these", there is also a large moth that flew into my sister’s house, where my Raffy slept during the last night of his earthly life.


Sara, I have so much to tell you, in my fifty one years of life, about signs I received from God, the ones I received and the ones I still receive; I feel the presence of my Guardian Angel Ariel; then it happens every day when I think of my Raffy and I cry, and so he touches me, it’s as if he takes my right arm, and his touch gives me a beautiful sensation of shivers, it’s always in a specific point of my arm, just like as if we were walking arm in arm; I send you a picture of my Raffaele, and the pictures of two hearts, I found the first heart between two benches in Church while I was helping clean up, and the second heart is the Virgin Of the Little Merciful Crown.


A warm goodbye from me, Sara


The gift of Faith during pain signs from the Sky is a testimonial from Tania




The gift of Faith during pain signs from the Sky


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