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A teenager’s strange experience in Venice

A teenager’s strange experience in Venice experiences


A teenager’s strange experience : hello Sara, let me begin by saying that I love your website, first of all, I would like to clarify that I don’t follow my religion very much, I do like to go to Church during the holidays, I like praying because I find it has a purifying effect on me, but I don’t really follow it too much; often, when I enter a Church, people give me funny looks …


And this is exactly what I want to talk to you about …


A few months ago I went to Venice, I don’t remember the name of the Church, I remember its exterior being a pale orange tone, almost pink. It was not Mass time, and so I went inside to look at the statues and the paintings, and I was shocked. Needless to say that as soon as I entered it, many people gave me a rather perplexed look. What is wrong with me? Well, I am a typically odd teenager, I wear baggy rocker clothes, and my hair may have different tonalities ranging from turquoise to purple, I do wear tons of make up, but it’s my style, it’s my way of life. Those who know me know that I have a sweet and protective disposition with everyone.


The strange thing had not happened yet, I am fascinated with Angels, and, when I approached a statue of an Angel, I was left petrified, needless to say I could have easily stayed there for hours without even moving, but a presence right behind me snapped me right back to reality.


Looking sideways, I noticed a young man, in a separate context I would go as far as saying he was one of “my kind”, he was dressed with jeans and a t-shirt from the group Nirvana, very similar to one I also owned, and that I often wear when I go out with my best girlfriend (since she is a big fan of the band).


One thing that did not escape me, was the way he was observing the statue, he seemed to want to annihilate it with his look. At first I did not do anything, what could I do anyway, a young girl still living in her own world?


Let’s say it, I was (and still am) only sixteen, the first thing that we think of at my age, when we see a good looking boy, is: “Oh my, he is so good looking!” And I admit, I did the very same thing.


We were both there about five minutes, staring at the statue, there weren’t too many people walking in front of the statue, and since he had arrived, I started to have a splitting headache that seemed to torture my brain, I really felt ill. I almost decided to leave, that young man was beginning to scare me more than a little bit!


For once, I had felt in the same shoes as those people who saw me enter a Church: a girl wearing strange clothes with a dark look entering a Church is a strange sight to behold; and to me it was the same seeing a 20 year old young man, with black hair and green eyes, who seemed intentioned to set the whole place on fire.


Then, it all happened in a fraction of a second, another young man approached me to my right, exactly a few steps away from the first one. The second young man was even “stranger” than the first one, and that’s when I thought: “All right, this is not really happening”.


The man who recently arrived could not be, I cant’ say that he was not my Guardian Angel, but he was an Angel. I am more than sure about it, my headache disappeared immediately, the heat that he emanated was so nice, so peaceful, I felt wrapped up in clouds.


I swear that I was very close to asking him if he could let me fly away with him. I felt wonderful, the tiredness and the pains I was feeling, gone, disappeared. I did not want to know anything about anyone, I just wanted to grab hold of the chest of that creature, and never let go. I felt I needed to stay with him.


I don’t know if he was my Guardian Angel or not, but he was not human. I can’t even explain the sensations I felt, pleasure, well being, I felt light as a feather, it was pure ecstasy.


That week, I went back to that Church every day, for a few hours, eager to meet those two characters again, I wanted to ask their name, who they were, what they were doing in front of that statue, if they wanted to return to the place in the direction of the gaze of that the Angel in the statue. If they wanted to return to the Sky. I just wanted to ask who they were, and if they could explain a little bit about themselves to me.


Neither one of them was human.


I understood it too late, when I returned to the hotel and I lifted the blinds, over there, where the sky had become black. I understood that something had happened, and I had been right there.


Thank you, and forgive my vent.




A teenager’s strange experience in Venice is a testimonial from Desiree




A teenager’s strange experience in Venice


A teenager’s strange experience


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