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Angels wonderful vision splendid blue light

Angels wonderful vision of a splendid blue light experiences


Angels wonderful vision : hello Sara, this is Elena; while surfing, I stumbled upon your site, and I decided to write to you, because I am sure that only people like you can believe me, and perhaps give me good advice to further develop my spirituality; about two years ago, while I was going through a very sad period of my life, both professionally and in terms of affections, I happened to have a wonderful vision, which I will tell you about briefly


One October morning I woke up, it was still dark, it was about 5 am, I stayed in bed, thinking about something I had just dreamed about, and I was reflecting on my situation. I had my eyes closed, I was facing the wall. Suddenly, I felt something like a flash of light; terrified, I immediately opened my eyes, believing it might be some intruders with bad intentions entering the house, however, strangely, I could see that my room was dark; and so I turned over and I saw, with much surprise, that behind the wall, above the door leading to the living room, suspended in mid-air, there was a wonderful BLUE LIGHT that illuminated the entire living room, and that instantly calmed me down.


And so I sat up slightly, to be able to see it better. It was a wonder!




The wall above my door stopped me from seeing it in its entirety, however, I could see perfectly the lower part, and it reminded me of something incredibly soft, like a cloud, with a rounded shape, perfect, like a little pillow of opaque satin. Its beauty, and its little luminous points reminded me of the Stars in the Universe, it felt like a Galaxy. I couldn’t find the right words to describe it. It was extraordinary.


Sadly, at the moment I was trying to rationalize it, and I remained in my bed, with my eyes closed, wondering where that light may be coming from: could it be a car... etc ... etc …


Only after a few minutes did I realize: such a splendid light can not be artificially created by human kind, there was something divine behind it. I opened my eyes to see it again, but sadly, it was too late, it had disappeared.


To date I still regret not having gotten up immediately, to see it up close, I was like dumbfounded. I was 25 years old (now I am 56) I had my first premonitory dream that made me change my perception of life and death, and since then I continued to have splendid dreams, some of which were visions, however, never ever could I have imagined that such an extraordinary event could have happened to me while awake. Today, I am certain that there is life beyond life.


If you wish, in the future, I could tell you about some other splendid dreams I had, profoundly spiritual, and some of them symbolic, for which I would like to consult an expert in the matter, to help me understand them better.


I thank you, and I send you an affectionate hug.


Angels wonderful vision of a splendid blue light is a testimonial from Elena




Angels wonderful vision of a splendid blue light


Angels wonderful vision


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