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The value of forgiveness

The value of forgiveness from rage to peace with oneself


The value of forgiveness : hello Sara, I wanted you to publish one of my testimonials on the value of forgiveness; when Angels, guides, or angelic entities with whom we enter into contact, emphasize a lot the concept of forgiveness, it’s because they know how much value and how beneficial this can be.


What has the value of forgiveness meant to me? I had some built up resentment toward some coworkers, which I had let fester for many years, in the office I was always nervous, unapproachable, and yet well appreciated for my technical skills (I work in the IT field). Moreover, I hated anyone who happened to be in front of me, in the car, on the bus, in the underground, supermarkets, hating whoever manifested impolite gestures in public (crossing your legs in public, loud conversations on the cell phone, bad breath from some people,…)


Despite the loss of my mother, which happened in November 2012 and had opened the channels of communication with the spirit world and with angelic entities of light (by means of mediums, meditations, prayers), up until a few months ago I was still very much in the grip of anger, hatred, I was very aggressive, especially when I drove my car during the weekends.


At one point, I realized how my sporty style of driving could be not only aggressive, but also very stressful, even though this type of driving had never really caused any serious accidents.


Up until a few moths ago I felt exhausted, with no energy, completely stressed out, already starting from the moment I got up, and always with the awareness of having to fear and face the same problems (overcrowded bus and underground, people behaving badly,…).


Despite the spiritual messages that I kept on receiving, and that kept pushing me to be more tolerant, more generous and ready to forgive, I insisted on remaining locked inside my own cage of aggression.


Then, suddenly, while surfing on the internet, I started to see some youtube videos that highlight the considerable benefits of forgiveness, and so I started, slowly, to try out some of these tips.


After a little while I started to notice some changes, especially on the psychological realm, for example, I was much more serene and calm, I was driving more calmly (respecting the speed limits and regulations) and I have to say that, to date, I don’t have all that rage and hatred that I used to feel before, it’s as if they magically disappeared.


From a strictly spiritual point of view, I feel truly at peace with myself. Forgiveness does not mean at all reciting certain formulas, or doing certain things repetitively in a passive and boring way; forgiveness means beginning to understand that hatred, rage and aggression are not only caused by external factors, but that they hurt and damage us first, it means to understand that hate and rage create imbalance, disharmony and that they stop you from loving yourselves.


I understood that resentment equates, especially, disrespecting not only others, but also yourselves, it means to not accept and love yourself. To forgive does not mean that you are forgetting or pretending nothing happened when faced with grave injustices: it is right that injustices be addressed and resolved. I am speaking especially about the resentment and that forgiveness, in my specific case, is applied especially on the resentment that has been kept inside for too long (years, shall I say).


Lately I have been feeling really well, I started to truly take care of myself, to love myself, to accept myself, by means of the advice on forgiveness that I started putting into practice. But the best part of this is that I have learned to understand that even “others”, who, despite the problems they too have to face every day, more or less serious, are “souls”, “spirits”, just like, let’s say, just like me, they are all children of God, they have their own journeys and their own personalities, their own ways of thinking, many times they are the result of their own limitations (I also had a limitation that kept me prisoner in my own aggression cage), from poor awareness of having your own spiritual nature,  a nature of light.


Today I feel really happy inside, not one single day goes by without me being thankful, having dialogues, and praying to God, together with my Angelic guides, and I assure you that every day is no longer boring like in the past, on the contrary, now I cant’ wait for the evening to arrive, to taste the affection, the love and the presence of my angelic guides every time I enter into meditation, in prayer, and all this because the spiritual evolution is a never ending journey, it’s constant, exhilarating (in a nutshell, never boring).


I believe that only by becoming aware that we are not just a body but also a spirit, I believe that by taking care especially of our spiritual nature, we can resolve many problems in this world, be they small or large. Gaining awareness of your own spiritual nature (once again I thank my mother who, with her disappearance, has opened my communication channels to the spiritual world, where she currently resides), and to take care not only of your own body, but also, and more importantly, of your own spirit, the potential benefits are countless, not only on the psychological field, but also on the spiritual one.


With affection and respect





The value of forgiveness from rage to peace with oneself is the testimonial from Claudio



The value of forgiveness from rage to peace with oneself


The value of forgiveness


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