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Experiences after death I was profoundly in love

Experiences after death I was profoundly in love testimonials


Experiences after death I was profoundly in love : kind Sara Luce, a few years ago the person I had been profoundly in love with passed away; we were separated from September 2008 until December 2010; it was a nightmare being far away from him, I was coming out of a separation, he was trapped in a relationship in which, during the two years of our separation, he had had two children.


We met again by chance in January 2011, while we were walking our respective four legged friends, as we live in the same town. We looked at each other, and nothing had changed, on the contrary, the feeling that we had felt for one another was still very much alive, now more than ever, we just needed the reciprocated smile, and all the tension built up in the previous couple of years melted away like snow in the sun.


We talked a little bit, then the following days we kept in contact by phone, and like clockwork we would end up meeting while walking our dogs, at different times, and never having planned it ahead of time. Sandro always claimed that destiny wanted us to be together, this was in January 2011, by March he was diagnosed with a pulmonary carcinoma, already at stage 4, and towards the end of July he left us to fly to the sky.


It was horrible being next to him during his illness, his friends had already disappeared, Sandro did not even have any voice left. I was walking by his home with my little dog, with my heart full of pain. Then I left for my holidays with my daughter, on July 2011. While I was on holiday in Sardinia, every now and then Sandro answered to some of my messages, and then one day he wrote that he was in hospital, the illness was progressing rapidly. I returned home, but I did not hear any more from him, I didn’t even know who to ask about him, because our love had been kept a secret between us (moreover it had never been a physical love, although we were feeling very intimately connected with one another).


By September I really was anxious to know, one morning during my usual walk with my dog I happened to bump into someone who also knew Sandro, because I had seen the two of them chatting once, and so I asked him how Sandro was, and he replied that he had passed away.


It was the evening of Tuesday 13th September 2011. I was petrified, I did not register the news, I could not feel anything. I went back home and remained in silence, in the dark, thinking about it, Sandro was dead, he no longer existed. The following day my pain really exploded, everything came out, I went to work but I burst into tears, I talked about it with my employer, who was aware of my situation, she comforted me and told me to go home for the day. I simply cried until the following day, without interruption, I still have a memory of the deep pain that I felt.


I let a dear girlfriend of mine know about what happened, I needed a shoulder to cry on.


I did my best to try to find out his location in the cemetery, I wanted to go visit him, immediately.


I asked my dear friend if she wouldn’t mind accompanying me to the cemetery the following Sunday, on September 18th 2011. That day I was feeling so nervous, as if I was going to meet him in person, but that is how I felt, it was our meeting. I went to see him, I recognized him immediately, I recognized his look, he was smiling to me like he always did, with his eyes digging deep into my soul, until I literally melted and my heart exploded from the infinite joy. It was a wonderful meeting, and every time I went to visit him there was always so much serenity, just like when he was alive. He gives me strength to face my life.


The same evening, 18 September, I decided that I wanted to keep a little candle lit for him for the whole night, that night was for Sandro, and before going to bed, I told him: “Sandro, this light is for you”; I went to bed at 23:00, but during the night I kept a vigil because I wanted to keep another candle ready for him, as soon as the other one ran out; since they usually only last four hours, these candles are the ones you can buy at Ikea, to give you an idea; anyway, it was about three in the morning, I woke up one more time, and I saw the little flame slowly dying out, and so I wanted to get up immediately to light up another one, but a presence did not allow me to get up from my bed, I felt a benign energy keeping me in my bed, and nudging me to fall back asleep right away. I felt my eyes closing against my will, this was not sleepiness, but rather this energy made me close my eyes, while the candle flame was going out. Soon after, as I reopened my eyes, it was still about three in the morning, therefore everything must have happened within a few minutes, the little flame was burning bright and kept like this for the whole night, which is practically impossible for those little tea light candles I bought, their maximum duration is four hours; I even got up to have breakfast, it was seven in the morning, and I said “Sandro, surely, as soon as I get up, your light will stop, wont’ it, my Love?”… I went downstairs, I showered, came back upstairs, and the little flame was out.


Ever since I discovered your site, you have no idea how much serenity this has brought me, I have become closer to Our Father, Our Mother, and Our Brother once again, after years of having distanced myself, because I thought I had offended them with my separation, I have two splendid living creatures, my children.


How nice it is to love one another, and how nice it is to read that we are made of Love. I thank you from my heart.


I will see you soon.



Experiences after death I was profoundly in love is the story from Angela




Experiences after death I was profoundly in love


Experiences after death


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