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Messages from my Guardian Angel

Messages from my Guardian Angel about the heart experiences


Messages from my Guardian Angel : hello Sara Luce, my name is Sonia, I wanted to show you the heart that I found last year on a table, by a little lake; I was going through a particularly sad period of my life, it was mid July, my companion of 20 years told me about a month before that he was leaving me and was in search of the woman of his life.


I remained in our house 15 more days, then one night there was an episode of violence, and I moved to my mother’s house, leaving all my things behind in the house where I had lived with my companion.


I felt like I was dying, and I felt rootless.


One day, I decided to allow myself a little relaxing lunch break, I went to a little lake near the office where I worked, where there were a few picnic tables and chairs. I sat at a table that I had chosen distractedly, and I found a key chain, in the shape of a metal heart, with the inscription “a home is where the heart is” and behind it was the advertising of a furniture store called “World of Convenience”.


I was stunned, but I took the heart, and put it in my purse. I did not think about it, until I bumped into your website, and I thought that perhaps it was not such a coincidence, but rather a message from my Guardian Angel! I am not able to understand the message very well, could you help me with it?


In the meantime, I found a new home, just right for me, and more than once it has happened that I find little feathers around the house …  I was so surprised, because I do not own feather pillows!


Thank you for all that you do.


Messages from my Guardian Angel about the heart is a testimonial from Sonia




Messages from my Guardian Angel about the heart


Messages from my Guardian Angel


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