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Supernatural Love a short testimonial

Supernatural Love a short testimonial experiences


Supernatural Love : hello Sara, my name is Sabrina, my mother’s name is Giusy, we are both practicing Catholics; we have always prayed with faith, even more so lately, because I have had serious health problems and I hope with confidence in the miracle of a remission.


Even in the beginning of my painful journey, during the moments of most discouragement, both my mother and I could see a lot of hearts, in the most unusual of places, and at the most unlikely times.


For example: at the bottom of the glasses for our breakfast, in the little crumbs of bread or cakes, little pieces of paper that we throw away take on that shape, the water dripping when we are washing, falls on the floor in the shape of a little heart, in the face cream that we use, literally everywhere!


Sometimes we even have numerology accompanying us, but it’s mostly hearts, in a very impressive way.


My mother and I believe that they come from someone up there who loves us, comforts us and wants to help us because every time we see them we feel happy, they give us a lot of joy!


We love you so much!


Supernatural Love a short testimonial are words from Sabrina and Giusy!




Supernatural Love a short testimonial


Supernatural Love


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