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Saint Agnes in Montepulciano

Saint Agnes in Montepulciano her benevolence


Saint Agnes in Montepulciano : dear Sara, then I went to Saint Agnes in Montepulciano, naturally I was in tears, the emotion was too much and I wanted to tell you something about our holiday with my mother and Nicole on mount Amiata; the first testimonial from Paola is in the following link https://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/5217-a-gesture-of-love-a-thought-of-love-for-others.html


The day we arrived, my mother had a fall, she did not see the little step in the bathroom, she was in a new environment and had not gotten used to the layout yet … do you know what it means when an 88 year old lady falls flat on the floor? Do you know how many stories of little grandmas that fall down and as a result break some bones, end up being bedridden and eventually die? a countless number of people that I knew died this way!


Instead, my mother only got a bruise on her left elbow, and her back hurt a little bit … which I think could happen even to any young person! This happened on a Sunday, on Tuesday we went to Saint Agnes in Montepulciano, mom walked there unaided … despite the fact that I was going to ask Saint Agnes for a grace, and also about the pain you already know about, I mostly thanked her, because I felt that it was her benevolence that helped with what occurred to my mother.


Today, 12 days after the fall, my mother still has a little pain on her arm, I have returned to work, and she keeps on doing her thinks at home, she goes out, as usual, she goes shopping using her walking stick and the trolley, and she is the usual loving mother that I know, I have learned from her what unconditional love is, even though I don’t know if I will ever be worthy of being her level.


Hello Sara, I have little light to send you, but the heart still works, despite everything, and for this I tell you that I love you, and thank you!


Saint Agnes in Montepulciano her benevolence is a testimonial from Paola




Saint Agnes in Montepulciano her benevolence experiences


Saint Agnes in Montepulciano


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