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My Guardian Angel saved me story

My Guardian Angel saved me story of a boy


My Guardian Angel saved me story : this rescue happened over 30 years ago, and I only shared it with a few close friends over the years; I was 11 years old, as a naughty little boy I had decided to play hooky on that day and I was the only one who wanted to do it, nobody else joined me.


I was playing around in a desert area close to the school, I was standing nearby a precipice and I could see some workmen, the cranes from up above were building enormous pillars that would eventually make up what is today’s’ highway. I laid down, belly up, I was about 3 meters away from the precipice, which was about 50 meters deep, but the ground I was on was not level, it was on an incline, and covered in pebbles, and after a little bit I started to slide down toward the precipice.


I was trying desperately to hold on to something with my hands, but I was only grabbing pebbles; I remember that I was looking in a panic at the precipice as it was getting closer and closer to me the further I slipped down.


At one point, I felt a hand from behind me, grabbing hold of my right calf. I still remember the grip of the fingers, and the pressure of the thumb on my calf: it stopped my fall.


I turned around, sure I would see my savior … but I only found my calf perfectly wrapped in a spiral like shape of the one and only robust ivy plant there. My calf was perfectly covered with it.


I remember very well the sensation of the hand, I climbed back up, freed myself from the ivy, and ran away like any scared and surprised 13 year old boy would. But I knew that God, or a Saint, or maybe, like I think now, my Guardian Angel, grabbed hold of my leg with their hand, and this was only the first of a few but crucial rescues that I received in my life.


Today I do not lead a good life, I am young, and alone, and sometimes, sadly I tell myself, “I thank you, my Guardian Angel, but to save me and then to live like this …”


Excuse my bitter ending, in any case, Angels do exist, believe me.


My Guardian Angel saved me story of a boy was told by Bruno




My Guardian Angel saved me story of a boy


My Guardian Angel saved me


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