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Celestial Guides co-create with our Guides : my name is Irene, I had always strongly desired to have children, a family; when I met my husband, I was very clear with him “my objective is to have a family” I told him “and I don’t want to waste time in casual relationships; if you also have good and serious intentions, good, otherwise, let’s part ways”


We love each other a lot, and he always says yes. And so, after nine months, we were living together, and nine months later we had our first child. It was a wonderful pregnancy, I was happy. I was ready to give birth at home, to have everything as natural and non-invasive as possible. However … one week before the due date, during the night we had someone break into our house. I saw them, and they sedated me with ether, I assume.


I did not give birth spontaneously, partly due to the shock and partly because of the ether that also sedated the baby.


And so we waited until the end of the pregnancy, after which we were scheduled for a C-section with total anesthesia. Thank God the baby was perfect, and wonderfully healthy!


I remember moments in the hospital, as I waited the surgery: those were moments of deep fear. I felt that something was about to happen, that I could not escape. I was trying to rationalize it, but my fear was strong. I was seeking for help from the Angels, I was appealing to every entity of Light with whom I had worked in the past (I was extremely involved in mediumship), however I was not able to reach some serenity, all I was hearing is that things were going to be all right, everything ok.


I was angry, I would ask Them for messages, I asked for Them to manifest themselves close to me, if they really wanted me to calm down.


A gentleman sat next to me, and he told me to smile, that I was not supposed to be afraid, and then he left. I realized that he was a messenger, but my fear was still so great ….


I went up to the higher levels of the hospital, and while I was waiting to enter the delivery room, I saw a frame with a wonderful quote from Mother Theresa of Calcutta. It spoke of life, life to be protected, guarded, that we need to fight for life, etc. I felt that the message was about what was going to happen very soon. I did not want to accept it, when it really happens to you ….. a part of me was saying “God, I will fight with all of my strength for Life, but not now, not now …. this is my pregnancy, my child, not now! I waited my whole life for this moment, I want it to be splendid! ....  I did not want to give up on my dream.


“Everything will be ok … but you will need to be ready to fight” … is all I could hear … it was as confirmation that something major was going to happen ….


During the surgery I left my body:  I remember seeing so much light from the overhead lamps on the operation table. I thank God and the Angels for having been with me, and having given me this gift: let me watch the birth of my child.


I was looking at it: it was a miracle of life, manifested in front of my own eyes! I had waited a whole life for that moment: being Mother.


With the eyes of Spirit I was looking at that little creature as it was being extracted from my loins, and brought on to the little bed next to me, to be washed … I instinctively wanted to follow it, but a voice told me: “Stop. Now you have to decide, do you want to follow your child as a Mother, or as Spirit?”


I did not hesitate, I immediately answered “Absolutely from Alive, Alive!” I said. “Well”, the voice said “So now you will have to fight for your Life”.


I did not understand very well what it meant, but I did voluntarily go back into my own body. And that’s when I had to start fighting, truly, for my life, as it was said. My physical body had problems metabolizing the toxin curare, from the anesthesia, which was needed to let the abdominal muscles relax and allow the extraction of the fetus.


And so, when everything was completed as far as the doctors knew, the nurses removed the oxygen mask, and tried to wake me up, giving me little slaps on the face. I could not move a muscle, my chest was not moving, and I was suffocating, not for lack of oxygen, as they believed, because putting on the mask was only making the situation worse, but because the toxin curare that they had injected into me was still having an effect on my muscles, and so I was having an extremely limited respiratory capacity.


The nurses expected me to hop from one stretcher to another bed, almost unaided, but I could not even breathe. They took me to my room, they laid me on my bed, and incredibly, nobody, not one person, doctor, nurses, obstetricians, noticed what was going on with me.


I had to lean heavily on my interior calm, and that’s when the Angels started to speak to me. They were guiding my every step, they were giving me instructions on how to breathe, the explained that I must absolutely not do any movements that caused deeper breathing, because it could end up being dangerous, as I could not completely move my muscles. They guided me on how to communicate with my husband and my mother, who were assisting me.


By the way: they are my incarnated Angels, my husband and my mother, because they interpreted beautifully everything that I needed those today when I did not even have the ability to speak. They understood, I don’t know how, and were doing exactly what I needed: a little bit of water on my lips, some local medication where it hurt too much, etc.


With patience, I was even able to breastfeed my son, until he was two and a half years old! A lot of inner strength, and listening, open listening! I would like to specify that, due to the muscular shock suffered, it took me three months to gain complete use of my body, and able to drive again.


Why did I have to go through all that?


There are many evolutionary answers pertaining my journey, but what I want to communicate today, is not only my personal testimonial: it’s that Angels do exist, it is certain that they wait for US. Us, our free will, we not only have to call upon them, we have to listen to them and love them. WORK closely with Them, because They, being Beings in the Light, needs for us to work in the matter.


We have a physical body, made of the same substance of Mother Earth. Now the subtle communication is available to all. It is right that everybody knows that each one of us can speak directly with Them, and work daily, in close contact, to enable on Earth the plan of Beatitude, Paradise. We can be bridges of Light!


I am also finding my way, my place, and what I am doing is trying to take on the responsibility of these understandings, to put them into practice in my daily life, to keep going and keep learning, because the more understanding we have of the world and of its laws, and the more we know ourselves, and the more we can create new things, co-creating with our celestial Guides.


In Peace, Irene


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Celestial Guides co-create with our Guides


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