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True stories of Angels

True stories of Angels the encounter with an Angel


True stories of Angels : I was about 13 years old. It was nine in the evening, I was going back home from visiting a friend, together with another friend and neighbor, and her dog (a cranky dog, diffident of strangers)


Out of nowhere, without us even noticing it, in front of us appeared a distinguished gentleman, about 60 years old, who was walking slowly, aided by a walking stick.


As we crossed paths with the gentleman, he stopped and he looked at us with a smile and an “angelic” expression, saying a very polite “good evening”.


We responded with the same, and, we still don’t know why, we instinctively stopped to chat with this gentleman we did not even know. The dog, who was normally always aggressive with strangers, let the man pet him, wagging his tail affectionately, as if he already knew him, and this surprised us considerably, we knew what the dog was normally like.


When the time came to part ways, we were left petrified, because the man said goodbye, he addressed us by our names (Erica and my friend Laura)


When we asked how he knew our names, he answered “You told me your names” and so we forgot all about it.


Just before he was about to walk away, the man looked at us, and said: “Laura, when you grow up you will be a good person, helping those who suffer and need help, and you, Erica, when you grow up you will be a very good pilot”, and then he left.


We said goodbye again, we started walking our way, smiling at each other for the strange “revelation” made to us: when we turned around, to look at the strange man again, we noticed he had completely disappeared.




We thought that he could have walked into a building, but how could he have done that, if he was walking so slowly? There was no building with the automatic door light still on. We had a good viewpoint of the street. Besides, we literally turned around just a few moments later, so …. and why did the dog allow to be petted without growling?


With these questions in our minds, we reached home. During the following days, we talked about it a bit more, until even this moment, like many others of not great importance, ended up being forgotten. After a number of years we met again and we talked about our lives (we both had projects for our future) Laura was (and still is) a good nurse, and I (as a hobby, being self-employed) have become a driving school instructor, and in my private life, I have become a good pilot.




True stories of Angels the encounter with an Angel was testimonials by Erica




True stories of Angels the encounter with an Angel


True stories of Angels


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