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My son is an Angel in Heaven

My son is an Angel in Heaven experiences


My son is an Angel in Heaven : my son flew up in the Sky and now is an Angel On 20th May 2006 my sweetest Christian left us, he flew up in the sky; he fell ill with leukemia and despite the treatments and the stem cells transplant from his dad, a year after the treatment he flew away, due to a lung infection.


The extraordinary thing that happened after that, a few days later, is this: at the end of every school year, the local school organizes a musical essay for all third grade children; among those children should have also been our adored Chris. There was also my nephew Davide with Fabio, his older brother. They were very close with Chris.


At the music essay, all children were standing in line, the parents were there, the teachers too. They started to sing. David’s face was lit by a direct ray of sunlight, which he initially tried to avoid. Eventually, the ray of sunlight was so bright that he ended up looking up.


Wonder of all wonders, he saw my son Chris, and with a gesture of shock and happiness, he raised his hand and waved to him.


People watching noticed his gesture and whispered: “What is David doing?”


Once the essay was over, David ran to his mother and said: “Did you see him too mum, did you see that Christian was here too?”


Then he went back home, and told me all about it: “Aunt, I saw Christian, he was smiling at me, and waving to me. He had a white dress, down to his knees, on his chest he had a golden cross that emanated light, behind his body was a golden light, and he also had two white wings”.


I assure you that this is the pure truth.


I love you


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My son is an Angel in Heaven


My son is an Angel


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