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How Angels communicate with us

How Angels communicate with us


How Angels communicate with us


Again our Angels, our Guardian Angel talks to our heart, sending us emotions, and talks to our mind, sending us thoughts and words. Many of us do not even realize it, but every now and then something that is communicated by our Angels is highlighted, and we clearly can feel if that word or that thought, seems to come “out of nowhere”, or from our mind. Let’s listen to this short but delightful testimonial.


Hello Sara, I would like to share with you an amazing event …. yesterday, my husband, my children and I were in the bedroom …. all of a sudden my 6 and half years old daughter said: Shalom … mum what does Shalom mean?


I was almost emotional … because it means PEACE in Hebrew … but how does a little girl know this word? I asked her: who told you this word? And she answered: nobody mum, it is in my head!!!


And so, my dear, what could this word mean? In my bedroom, which is a place for rest, but it’s also very intimate … in a moment in which we were all present? (all my family members)


I think I have an answer … the message is for us!!!


A big hug


How Angels communicate with us was told us by Agata




How Angels communicate with us testimonial


How Angels communicate with us


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