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The death of my mother signs

The death of my mother signs and comfort


The death of my mother signs : hello dear Sara, I write to you to tell you my story, it’s what gives me the strength to keep going after the death of my mother, many times I wrote to you to ask for prayers for her, do you remember? and after each of your interventions through the prayer Group she felt better; now she is in the Sky, she, my Angel, has turned her journey into a precious gift that I keep safe inside my heart.


I was on vacation with my family, the day before last, I had a dream, here it is: I saw my 9 year old son, and I hugged him, I sensed that he was not well, but I understood that it was nothing serious, because his face disappeared immediately, becoming that of a little girl. I kept her in my arms, like you do with small children, leaning on my shoulder, she looked into my eyes every now and then, but she was almost lifeless …. completely abandoned on my body, unable to make almost any movement. I understood that it was serious, but inside me I felt that I would never take care of her …. I still remember her frail arms ……


In the morning I didn’t say anything to my husband, but during the morning my son, who had never suffered car sickness, started to feel the symptoms … and so I hugged him and I cuddled him, just like I did in my dream. As we got back into the car, I started to feel an omen, asking me if it was about the little girl, who was not well.


In the evening I got a phone call, my mother was in hospital, the prognosis was not yet clear, but it was certainly serious, she was in the ICU. In my dream I could see a small girl, because unfortunately, for the last few years, mum was no longer able to move and take care of herself, and so, even her arms were frail, like a little girl.


The following evening we got the sad news that her conditions had become critical, the doctors were suggesting we called the family members who live far apart, I will let you imagine the desperation of that moment, for each one of us, our mother was the piece of the heart that beats harder than all others.


Early in the morning I took the train … I had brought me with a book that I had been meaning to finish reading for a long time, despite the fact that I really enjoyed it “The hope of the Angels” from Lorna Byrne. I opened the book, from where I had left it off, and there was my first sign, the title of the chapter “nobody dies alone”.


As soon as I arrived to her, she was still conscious, I had some hope, they had transferred her from the ICU to the cardiology war, because she had had a stroke, but the doctors had given her no hope at all. Almost all of her loved ones had arrived, and when I turned around to look at my cousin, who came from far away, to say hello to her (she is the daughter of my mother’s favorite sister, who had just passed away a few months earlier) I stopped to observe her, because to me she looked more like my late aunt, seated down there, at the feet of the bed, rather than my cousin. During those three days I saw, thanks to my Angel, at what stage of her journey my mother was, what little time she had left, and when the last one of my brothers arrived to see her, I heard her speak as if she was outside her own body, just like I had heard my Angels speak, and I understood we had reached the end ….


On 14th October, our mother left us, and left a void that will never be able to be filled again, however … the signs … her gifts started from that moment on.


Two hours after hear death, her cell phone received two phone calls from my uncle, her brother … a number that had been deactivated by my mother’s sister … the one I mentioned earlier, the one I was sure I had just seen at my mother’s bed … mother would have never left us in despair, I was positive of it … she had been a wonderful woman but above all she had been a wonderful mother for all of us … here is the first sign ….


As soon as she left, I remembered I took off my necklace with a little crucifix, and I placed it in her hands, it was my gift for her. The following morning we went to have her dressed, and as it is normal, her body was cold … very cold … but … the hands, holding the necklace, were warm, just the hands, with the crucifix, they were very warm, none of us could believe it, but we were conscious that it was one of her gifts.


In the meantime, my Angel informed me on what was happening to her …. who had met her, and who was still waiting to see her, and how proud she was of us children ….


The day before the funeral, my mother was speaking to me, I could sense her, and she was giving me instructions on whom to go and give comfort to, and when … I remember I had had a vision while I was coming back home that night, it had only ever happened once before in the past that I could see the soul, who had returned home, dressed in white, it was a missionary priest. I had the joy to be able to see my mother’s soul, while they were dressing her with a very luminous vest … I cried, and I just realized of how deprived of important all of our suffering in this life is … she suffered a lot, during her entire life, too much, I always thought.


After the funeral, I knocked on her coffin, and I told her … “Mom, I ask for this sign … I will wait for you …


During the evening, obviously, I was feeling desperate, I was alone, and I heard the three knocks that I had been waiting for …. she did not want to see me depressed, and I was trying, even if I was not always successful. The following day, another sign, dear Sara … it was cold, and in the afternoon I laid down in bed, but before I had closed the window, making sure that it was closed shut …. I barely had the time to lay down, and the window was open again … she had come to visit me again …. always when I feel desperate, she never left me alone in those moments.


Once I returned home, I went to buy another necklace, I chose it, and as soon as I took it home, I took it in my hands, it was shut, so it could not have been touched by anybody, I found a knot, they say that those are Angels’ knots … the last sign happened while I was particularly down, it came via a girlfriend of mine … she told my friend the nickname she would use to call me, and describing to her the dress she had for her own funeral, saying that she liked it very much and giving her details that only I could have known … I had asked to be able to gift that dress to her, and my family obliged me.


Afterward, I heard her speak in very strict Sicilian dialect with someone, and she says … “I don’t leave my daughter like that, I stay with her a few days”


She healed my heart a little, I felt her caress me. I felt infinitely loved … my mother continues to be, until today, my example.


I know I indulged in a long letter, Sara, and I ask for your forgiveness … but I hope this will bring comfort to someone ….


A tight hug to you …


The death of my mother signs and comfort was told us by Jlenia




The death of my mother signs and comfort


The death of my mother signs


The death of my mother


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