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Life goes on in the hope

Life goes on in the hope experiences


Life goes on in the hope : my dear Sara Luce, a few years ago I wrote you a letter, telling you that my life had just shut down, because of all the mourning I had had in my family, in 2010 I lost my dad, in 2011 I lost my companion, in 2012 I lost my mother, and in 2013 I lost my aunt (my mother’s sister) who was practically my favorite aunt, and so I was left alone; having lost my dad and mum was a pain that knows no bounds, and an endless anguish, a pain that is immeasurable and endless.


I was on the verge of losing my mind … me, a single child, I had adored my parents to an extreme, and I received just as much love from them …. after 5 years the suffering in the heart is still very strong …. I miss them so much … but the survival instinct kicked in …. I became much closer to the faith and our Lord and the Angels … with whom I meditate …


After having become closer to faith, I finally let go of my parents, because I realized that keeping them in my mind constantly did nothing but worsen their suffering as they saw me suffer … I learned this way to coexist with my faith that is helping me so much, and to have my Angels near me … I don’t know what I would do if they were not here.


But the nice thing, my sweet Sara Luce, is that I also started to feel mum and dad in the house, smelling their scent and their presence … I live in their house and I feel very protected … also there is Sheila, my little 10 year old dog, who is like my daughter (since I could not have children …)


In my letter I am writing to you I also specified that I could no longer open my heart up to any other man … and that I was afraid I would longer falling in love again … instead, a year ago I met Stefano, really a good man, and I hope everything will go well with him! and that he is truly the right person for me …. With mutual respect and love … I really hope so!!!


I really wanted to write this letter to you Sara Luce …. I save everything you write to me …. and every now and then I read it again … and the tears fall down … but life has to go on … one day, I am sure I will embrace again mum and dad, and I am sure it will be a wonderful moment.


I thank you for having dedicated your time to read my letter …. you are a special and good woman.


Thank you from my heart.


Life goes on in the hope is a testimonial from Nadia




Life goes on in the hope experiences


Life goes on in the hope


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