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Archangels’ day angelic testimonials

Archangels’ day angelic testimonials


Archangels’ day : dearest Sara, something extraordinary happened to me, my regret has been, when I woke up, that I could not share it with everyone because it would be very difficult to comprehend its depth, the emotion, the joy of what happened, but then, with much happiness, I thought of you and all of the people who read your site, and that catches other people’s attention, and of how I got to know your website from the angelic testimonials, and so here I am, telling this to you with immense joy; yesterday, by accident, I found out that 29th September is the day of the Archangels.


Last night, as I went to bed, on my PC I read references on the event, and as soon as I got distracted, I changed the title to change page, but (first sign) the letters were canceling backward extremely slowly, to the point that it made me want to just stay on that website.


I picked up on the message, and so I stayed on that website and kept reading. A wonderful forum showed up, with a simple but well designed explanation that on this day we “celebrate” Archangels, exactly 7 of them, and to each one of them a color has been assigned, as well as a candle, a prayer, and an image. Sadly I don’t have all the colored candles, but I believe that lighting up two, for Them, in my room, while I read the beautiful prayers, was a good enough gesture all the same.


I was naturally involved with the meaning of each one of those prayers that flowed quickly, but at the same time my mouth filled with long powerful yawns, and I thought I knew their origin. (Let me explain, this is not normal for me, making big yawns repeatedly, while in my memory of my previous Out Of Body experience, where I saw my Angel, the same thing happened, and in addition you actually feel it inside you. It’s as if I could feel that something was about to happen, that I was preparing for it!!! I know this is difficult to understand, I am surprised too, but this is the truth, and perhaps other people have lived these moments too, and can understand me!!!!)


Suddenly a candle stirred up his flame, to the point it createed shadows on the wall, I tried to observe them to discern something, but nothing, I saw nothing. I was distracted by a phone call, and I don’t know if I inadvertently clicked something on the PC, but everything showed up with a background of stars on a blue background, much more suggestive, much more spelling!


While I finished reading my letters, I asked for forgiveness and for help to not be as I had been today, toward a very dear friend, who rationally I can say I had good reasons to be angry with her, but I also know that this is not the behavior to have. Luckily, I understood something during this trip of spirituality knowledge I embarked on!!!


The sleep overcame me, yet I wanted to continue, but no!! The PC shut down the program!!! Saying this sounds strange, because on other occasions I wouldn’t even pay attention to it, but first the star studded sky, then suddenly the page shuts down! In this case, I noticed it!! Very much so, you need to pay attention to the little coincidences that take place, because it has been taught to me that this is their way of communicating with us!! (second sign)


Full of good intentions, I fell asleep, switching off all the lights, but especially, without fear, which is something that would have terrified me in the past. I woke back up again, I opened my eyes wide, and I could hear bells!! Not the usual bells ringing, but almost like a festive celebration. At the time I thought it was normal, and I assumed that the Church wanted to celebrate the Archangels with the bells, and so a smile appeared on my face, full of joy I saluted them also, and thank them again, but I also noticed what was happening (third sign): I was sleeping and I woke up just to hear the bells, which is something that is near impossible to do from my bedroom, with the window shut! I looked at the clock: just past midnight!!! And so I asked myself if the Church would really make all that much noise at midnight, and surely there must have been a reason!!! I made a note to inquire about it later, but in the meantime I wanted to enjoy all that bliss I felt, imagining the Archangels saying hello to me with their gesture through that tool, and they woke me up to let me hear them!!!


Soon after that I fell asleep again, but I woke back up again soon after that, to hear the bells again!


Often I ask myself if it was my subconscious desire to want for this to happen, and so I create my own coincidence, I second guess myself with coherent explanations on the subject, but I also know that the Faith in me is true, real, what I believe in is strong and indelible … I only believe that I am going through a new road, an unfamiliar one, and until we accustom ourselves to this new knowledge we can not master it, and we will be subject of doubts and insecurities, but just like a very wise woman once told me (yes you, dear Sara): don’t be shy to ask confirmations from your Angel, He knows you better than you know yourself, and he will come forward!!


And so it is, these are the proofs!!!


A big kiss to everyone, and a special kiss to you, Sara.


Archangels’ day angelic testimonials experiences by Ivana


Dear Sara, the following day I went to Church and I asked the Church if they played the bells the previous night at midnight. They told me that no, the Church bells only ring at the top of each hour, every hour. This filled me with joy! Not once, but twice, I heard the Church bells play as a celebration, and not the single rings at the top of each hour, and all this with my eyes wide open!!! Once again goodbye, from Ivana


Archangels’ day angelic testimonials


Archangels’ day


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