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Danger is not my job

Danger is not my job special experiences


Danger is not my job : dear Sara, I would like to tell you about my Guardian Angel, I would like to share this special experience I just had; each one of us moves freely in our cities, go where we need to go, crossing streets, crossings, danger is not my job, but sometimes, in the city I live in, Rome, you can only cross the streets at certain times, you watch the traffic of cars, and you cross when you can (also because the pedestrian crossings are few and far in between, and so you cross when you can).


I was on a busy street in Rome, Via Appia, at the beginning of Via Appia, towards San Giovanni, and there is usually a lot of traffic. There are two lanes, and in the middle of it a little green space with some trees, separating the lanes.


I had to cross, I looked at the cars, I saw their movement, and then I decided it was the right moment to cross the street, but …. suddenly a motorbike arrived really fast, I saw it, but the vision paralyzed me, and I felt two hands pushing me on the back, it was not air, or wind, it was two hands on my back, pushing me so hard that I found myself in the green space between lanes, safely, harm free.


I really felt two hands pushing me, projecting me toward safety.


The bike sped so fast, it would have certainly hit me.


I found myself safe and sound, without knowing why and how, but I was safe.


My Guardian Angel, surely it was the help from my Guardian Angel, the hands that pushed me were of my Guardian Angel.


When something extraordinary happens to you, you are always left astounded, speechless, you don’t understand, you know, and don’t understand how it could happen, but it did happen, what happened was the help from your Angel.


It’s a wonderful memory that I carry with me.




Danger is not my job special experiences is Rick’s testimonial




Danger is not my job special experiences


Danger is not my job


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