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There is an Angel near you

There is an Angel near you apparition


There is an Angel near you : good afternoon Sara Luce, and good afternoon to everyone, I couldn’t miss writing to you about what happened to me this morning in the office; let me explain that I do angelic meditation with the help of CD’s; it really relaxes me and whenever time permits, I like to read books on Angels, these wonderful creatures that give you comfort and positivity; and so, I was seated in front of the computer in the office (just like I do every morning) and I was writing, when all of a sudden the sentence appeared in front of me, clearly written THERE IS AN ANGEL NEAR YOU


You can not imagine what I felt in that moment!!! It felt so surreal and strange!!! I couldn’t do anything else for I was so surprised and soooo happy about what had just happened.


The apparition only lasted a few seconds … just the time to undertand!!!


I left for my lunch break, and while I was driving my car to go home for lunch I was euphoric and very happy, and I started to sing, to thank God for having given me this wonderful gift (A Christmas gift!!!) … and to thank the Angels ….


I am sure that this episode was not the fruit of my imagination … believe me!!! and if it happened, it means that there is a reason for it ….


I thank everyone for the attention you paid to my letter, and I wish all of you a serene Christmas and the best New Year!!!


There is an Angel near you apparition testimonials by Nadia




There is an Angel near you apparition


There is an Angel near you


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