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Coincidences or signs from my Angels

Coincidences or signs from my Angels experiences


Coincidences or signs from my Angels : hello Sara, it’s a pleasure, my name is Elisa, I write to you because since about a year ago I have been seeing hearts everywhere, on the worktop in the kitchen, in the coffee, on the bed, in the toothpaste, with a piece of old paint that came off the wall, I took pictures of some of them, but not all.


I have to tell you that these hearts make me really happy, I did not know the meaning when I discovered that they were not coincidences, but rather signs from my Angels. I have been trying for a while now to get in touch with my Angels.


One day, while I was in silence with my companion, he told me to close my eyes and relax, and the first name that would come to my mind was the name of my Angel. I thought of Ariel and Sofi. I thought they were just any names … but I did not understand where these names were coming to me from.


Later I discovered that the name Ariel is the name of the Angel of people born between 8th and 12th November, and I was born on the 8th. As soon as I discovered this, I was in shock. I was happy.


On the other hand, I could not find the word Sofi anywhere. The other day, I was asking my Angels to give me a sign … to give me confirmation if I could call them with these names … I did not want to call them with a name that was not theirs. And so, the day before yesterday, while I was changing channels on the TV, I stopped on Channel 5. There was a scene with a father, and on his right 2 little girls showed up, one was called Sofi and one Olivia. I was in shock. Sofi is a name I had never heard before.


Oh, and lately, I keep seeing the same time and the same minutes.


Coincidences or signs from my Angels is a testimonial from Elisa



Coincidences or signs from my Angels experiences


Coincidences or signs from my Angels


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