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The strength of forgiveness

The strength of forgiveness a gift visions


The strength of forgiveness : dear Sara, I would like to thank you with all my heart for all that you do every day for all those people who need Love and Hope; I will clarify that I have always felt the presence of an Angel next to me, several times I happened to have felt telepathically a “warning” that came to me in no uncertain terms, but that sadly I did not always heed, subsequently finding myself in difficult situations.


In my Soul I always felt the need to forgive, forgive those who aggressively placed themselves in charge of my life, forcing me to ‘swallow’ at a neck-breaking pace, and to suffer terribly from a freedom that was denied to me.


Having a sweet and accommodating temperament, I never retaliated; rather, I would always offer the other cheek, enduring an ever deeper pain.


From all the swallowing without ever claiming my rights, I ended up having to fight with a terrible illness, however I was not alone, all the love of God was with me, and I never felt sad, rather I always felt loved by Him, taken by the hand and accompanied during the whole journey.


I have always been an introspective type of person, I never attacked anyone, I would always seek inside myself the reason for other people’s behavior.


About a year ago, from a series of circumstances, rather strange ones I might say, I found myself learning to recite the Rosary and the little Crown of Archangel Michael, in remembrance of the departed ones, and I felt a strong push towards finding out about my Guardian Angel.


It all happened spontaneously.




I dedicated to my Angel two verses of a song that I sang at the top of my voice for more than half an hour.


At the end of it, I sat down on the sofa, and after a message received in telepathy that connected me to my Guardian Angel, with my eyes closed I could see all the colors of the rainbow, such vivid colors, so resplendent, such colors do not even exist in nature, and together with the colors I could see an eye, a wonderful eye watching me.


Since then, 24 hours a day, I see all the colors, and this wonderful eye watching me, day and night, always, both with my eyes open and closed.


But it does not end here, this is just the beginning, visions started following, travels in parallel worlds, hearing angelic songs, and an extremely strong energy in my hands, which I believe I am supposed to use to help others, although I have not understood how to do that yet.


It’s been a year since I have been living in a world of emotions, every day, and every day something even more profoundly wonderful seems to happen.


Deer Sara, for me it was important to share this gift I received and to tell everyone that the strength of forgiveness is the strongest weapon.


If God wants, I hope to receive an email from you, in the meantime thank you again for all your effort.


A strong embrace to everyone.


The strength of forgiveness a gift visions is Vivian’s testimonial




The strength of forgiveness a gift visions


The strength of forgiveness


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