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Messages from my Guardian Angel

Messages from my Guardian Angel


Messages from my Guardian Angel


Thank you Sara, I was just thinking about my Angel and the Prayer Group. My sister and I pray every Tuesday, and we also pray for you.


Recently there are things that are happening to me that are a little unusual, I always ask my Angel to help me, and to manifest himself.


Last Sunday my sister gave me a little gift, a wallet, where inside I found a little clover, it was a little worn out and in the shape of a heart … again on Sunday my mother and I were going for a drive, it was raining, and as I was driving I noticed that I drove close to a car dealership where there was a sticker on the door in the shape of an Angel with a flower, and a little further ahead I saw a sticker with a little Angel.


Again driving, I had the radio on, it was a radio station I was not familiar with, Radio Heart, and the song from Claudio Baglioni “And how are you” came on, I thought it was in reference to my much loved father: I asked myself, and I had even asked you Sara, how he was, where he is now.


This morning, for breakfast, as I prepared the coffee, I poured some coffee into my little glass, and in my sister’s glass, and as I was pouring the honey, in my honey the shape of a heart came up, and in my sister there was a silhouette of light in the shape of a heart.


I believe that my Guardian Angel and I are beginning to be in synthony


Thank you to all of you, and a hug from me


Messages from my Guardian Angel was shared with us by M. Stefania




Messages from my Guardian Angel experiences


Messages from my Guardian Angel


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