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Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel

Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel experiences


Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel : dear Sara, I shall tell you only one of my many experiences, that happened to me recently; I had often heard of metaphony and I had read somewhere that you needed to record the sound from a certain frequency of the radio, to then listen to it again, but that you can also record any noise or sound, and then listen to it again.


That’s when I had the idea to record my own voice singing a song, not a simple song, but a song I dedicated to my Angel, during our first contact.


I listened to my own recording a couple of times, but nothing, I could only hear my own voice singing ….


I was a little disappointed, but I went to bed, I would have loved so much to be able to speak with my Guardian Angel through metaphony! I woke up at sunrise, and I had a vision, I saw the piano, I did not even have the time to think “what is he doing, is he going to play?”, when I heard the sweetest voice singing a Gloria.


It was not a version of the hymn Gloria that I was familiar with, it was a melody I had never heard before, dare I say it was a modern version of the Gloria that my Guardian Angel had just created, to dedicate it to me.


I have no words to describe the joy of those moments I lived, it’s a joy that fills my heart with happiness just at the memory of it.


My Angel did not want to see me disappointed, and his immense Love for me did not let me wait for too long! He wanted to show me how much he cares of me, how intense is his Love, and that it is not necessary to speak through metaphony, because our hearts already beat “in unison”, we can already speak to each other through the Love that we feel for one another, we are already united by a feeling that will never end, a feeling that we are all called upon to sending to all people around us, a feeling that we are all called upon to amplify, because this feeling is the one and only true reason that gives meaning to our lives, because living the Love on earth is like breathing a little bit of Paradise.


Dear Sara, I wanted to tell you my experience because it’s good for the heart of many people who are seeking true Love.


A tight hug to you


Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel was shared with us by Vivian




Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel experiences


Dreaming of your own Guardian Angel


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