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Reassuring before death experiences

Reassuring before death experiences testimonials


Reassuring before death : preparing our loved ones for their passage to the Sky is a delicate task, especially when our loved ones refuse to acknowledge what is about to happen; well, this mother is nearing her death, and she comes to her daughter in a dream, she appears next to her, and also appears in a dream to two other people, it’s like carrying a message that will be cherished later, once the painful moment of the mourning is past us; it’s like reassuring us that life continues on in a wonderful place, let’s listen to Valentina’s testimonial


Good evening, I am writing because both my heart and my entire self are crying uncontrollably over the premature loss of my mother … she was taken prematurely from life, and with much suffering. I have a husband and two children … but nothing takes the place of a mother, ever.


I ask her incessantly to allow me to dream of her … to be able to hug her in my dreams, actually, she did come to me, in my dreams, just a few days before she left us (she had been placed on an induced coma) … and the … nothing!


I dreamt of my mother one Friday afternoon (she left us on the Monday) In my dream I was in church, in the church where we later celebrated her funeral, and I was distraught, I cried endlessly. In my dream my mother’s coffin was placed on the side of the central corridor, and it was raised from the ground (even though nothing was holding it up) and behind her there was a painting of a saint, even though I could not think of who he was … my mother suddenly started to move her hands and gesticulate something. As I saw this, I started to scream, but nothing could hear my voice. I turned toward my sister, who was seated behind me, and I was screaming to her that our mother was alive!!!! But she could not hear me either.


And so I woke up, and I saw my mother for a moment, standing up, next to my bed, watching me.


That night, two people very close to my mother also dreamt of her. None of the two knew my mother’s situation very well. To the first person, my mother said: I arrived here, it’s beautiful (this person died exactly three months after my mother passed away); the second person told us that she dreamt of my mother helping her move. I am very shaken by this … the relationship with my mother has always been very intense and visceral … how can it be that I can not feel her? How could she leave me like this?


Thank you infinitely,


Reassuring before death experiences is Valeria’s story




Reassuring before death experiences


Reassuring before death


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