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The Angels keep watch upon us

The Angels keep watch upon us experiences


The Angels keep watch upon us : hello Sara, I impose on you once again because I have to tell you what happened after seeing the beautiful light in my room; as I was saying in my mail, that night I had been praying God because I was feeling worried, worried because we do not have solid financial certainties, and we struggle with every project, and then our little girl, I am afraid I will not be able to give her everything she needs, few days following that vision, we received some bad news, my husband’s temporary work contract was not going to be renewed, you can not imagine the despair and the fear that we felt …


The day after the sad news, I was walking quickly on the street, with my head low, as I always do, and while I was walking I was praying my Angel, asking him to give us some help I asked him specifically to let me see a heart, to let me know that he was helping us …. as soon as I finished saying the words, I suddenly raised my head, without even thinking, and this is what I saw, right on this wall:


a big heart on the wall


During the same day, after a few hours, in the office came a colleague of mine (who was actually currently on vacation and so there was no reason for her to even be at the work place) she came to collect some documents, and she told me she had visited a Sanctuary, and she had brought a little gift for my little girl, and look what she gave me ….


a little Angel of wood

(Translation: I am Ludovica’s Guardian Angel)


Well, don’t you think it’s an incredible coincidence? Tell me if I’m wrong, if I am imagining it all, but I see a link between everything that happened in the last few days … it’s as if, before finding out the bad news, my Angel wanted to reassure me, make me understand that they are truly watching over us from the Sky, and are protecting us; then, the day that I was really sad, my Angel was very close to me, and cuddled me like never before, and this gave me such a serenity, that does not really belong with me because I am the kind of person that falls into despair over nothing.


I even thought that maybe there is something to do with my late grandmother … I shall tell you briefly … she had raised me like a daughter, she loved me more than all other nephews and nieces, and she always told me so … she donated her car to me when they could no longer use it, and then, before she passed, she did everything in her power to make sure I ended up living in her house … sadly she passed before I got married, but my whole family was born in her house … I did get married, and we moved to live there, and that house is where my daughter was born, on the 11th OF DECEMBER, THE VERY SAME DAY MY GRANDMOTHER WAS BORN … as if to say … I AM WITH YOU …. I recently chose a pediatrician for my daughter, and they mentioned a Doctor BOSCO …. only later did I find out, as I registered my daughter, that the doctor has the same name as my grandmother ….


Thank you for your words. A hug.


The Angels keep watch upon us experiences was told us by Ramona




The Angels keep watch upon us experiences


The Angels keep watch upon us


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