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The name of my Guardian Angel

The name of my Guardian Angel experiences


The name of my Guardian Angel : hello Sara, about 8 years ago, after the first problematic period with my husband, I was standing in the balcony in my home, and I was alone at home; I heard a voice calling me, even though there was nobody around me, also the voice was coming from the bedroom and I knew I was alone at home.


The voice was strange, unclear, it was neither a male nor a female voice.


Reflecting from that day, in my mind I had the name Andrea rattling in my mind. My psychotherapist told me it was my Angel calling me. From that day, I started gaining an interest in the world of Angels.


The name Andrea had disappeared from my mind, until a few months ago, when I asked myself “But is that the name of my Angel?” I asked for confirmation. And on the very same day, while I was going to the doctor, I heard a phone call from a person that was saying “Hello, Andreina!”


It was the answer I had asked for. By the way, where I live, this is not a common name.


The name of my Guardian Angel is the testimonial from Mariapia




The name of my Guardian Angel


The name of my Angel


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